Eze France

Eze France is a small community up the coast, northeast of Nice and set between Nice and the city of Monte Carlo. It is a quiet, endearing little village resting on a hillside far above the Mediterranean coast. Over the last decade or so, more tourists have been traveling outside the famously named French cities, including Nice, and exploring the smaller seaside towns that are very appealing yet less urbanized and more unique. Eze is layered in medieval history exemplified by the clusters of medieval buildings dotting the town. Eze beaches are a draw for some tourists, while others prefer hitting the larger French beaches and simply taking a half day or so to explore around Eze.

The many things to do in Eze are what make the community a popular stop among Mediterranean day cruises. Eze France tourism revolves around exploring the immediate area and the famed Cote D'Azur. Some choose Eze France for its relaxing qualities; a scenic location and quiet backdrop, and explore the famous French coastline with rental transportation. The pebbly Eze beaches skirting the coast are enchanting and quiet, but they are a stretch to get to. Because Eze is set more than 400 meters above the sea, the hike down to Eze-sur-Mer can take anywhere around an hour. And that's just to get down!

Jardin Exotique is one of the local gardens that is also a popular spot for good reason. The beautiful garden is laden with many attractions, including the many exotic plants, hand-carved statues, literature on village history, and an exceptional lookout point. Another part of Eze France tourism not to be missed is a walk around to more closely inspect the architecture across the hilly expanse. (Be forewarned that some areas require strenuous exercise.) At one point Eze was completely bordered by a twelfth-century castle, fortified to protect from common feuds and wars of the time. The fortified castle in Eze was taken down centuries ago, in the early 1700s, but it's easy to see where it once was as the town curves around the once-central hillside fortification. many of the ancient buildings are restored yet maintain the charm of the medieval time period. Take the opportunity to pop into the interesting dining spots on route.

Shopping is on the forefront of Eze France tourism. A walk around the village poking your head into the warren of colorful shops is a great way to spend a few hours. The town is filled with artisans and their wares are for sale in these small stores. Other top buys include a large variety of spices and ceramic items. Perfumeries do very well in the village so there is a good selection of original scents. Water color paintings and other such art are other inexpensive yet memorable keepsakes ideal for picking up when in Eze France.

Eze beaches aren't much to write home about, but if you're hankering for an arduous hike down, it's worth it. The beaches flanking the hillside are unobtrusive and perfect for enjoying a lazy morning or afternoon. Leave prepared as amenities are not available at the base. Near Eze France, there is another little village that's on the tourist radar; Saint Paul de Vence. This quaint hilltop settlement is another medieval stop along the coast and is as appealing as Eze but without the exceptional panoramas. Staying in Eze or St Paul de Vence is a great idea for those who want to explore larger cities like Antibes, Cannes, and Monaco but don't want the noisy, crowded backdrop.



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