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Nice flights can mean international flights from the US or other countries in Europe, or a quick jaunt via a helicopter from neighboring Monaco. Most tourists arrive via plane from destinations around the world to the main airport—Nice Côte d'Azur Airport.

Most tourists are looking for cheap flights to Nice from the far corners of the world, or at least from the US and Europe. The only direct airfare to Nice France from the United States is from New York City (flying time is nine hours), but you can fly to Paris from almost all major US cities, and the continuing flight is only about 90 minutes. Additionally, virtually all major international airlines have Nice flights and the connecting European city depends only on which airline you use. Emirates Air would connect in Dubai; Air France in Paris; British Airways in London; KLM in Amsterdam, etc.

The best cheap flights to Nice will often be part of vacation packages that generally include the airfare to Nice France as well as other features—most often accommodations in hotels and perhaps some meals and tours. There are many operators in the UK that offer these. The history of Nice tourism began with the British, who began coming here for their holidays in the late eighteenth century. The luxury hotels and elegant Belle Epoque mansions that line the Promenade des Anglais date from the Golden Age of this period, from about 1830 through the first decades of the 1900s. Many of the vacation rental apartments available in Vieux Nice (Old Nice) are also in buildings that date from that period. There are direct flights to Nice from a surprising number of UK cities, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin, Belfast, and more.

More cheap flights to Nice are available from the international cruise lines. Nice is often the embarkation or disembarkation point for Mediterranean cruises. Since one way airfare to Nice France can be extremely expensive, most major cruise lines have such lucrative contracts with the airlines that they actually are able to offer the flight to or from Nice free in many cases. Embarking or disembarking in Nice allows to take a few extra days to really discover the city and surrounding area, rather than just book a couple shore excursions from the cruise line.

Another good source for Nice flights is to use the booking tool here on the Destination 360 site. You can put together your own vacation package by booking a hotel and a rental car. Rental cars provide some of the best transportation options for visitors, as they offer flexibility to explore at your own pace. Additionally, if you are staying in vacation rentals, they often provide the only transportation.

Another unique and ritzy option is to take a quick helicopter ride from Nice Cote d'Azur International Airport to the Principality of Monaco, which is only fifteen miles away. This is a regularly scheduled service, with departures every 30 minutes every day of the year. Oddly enough, the fares to fly to Nice from Monte Carlo are less expensive than in the opposite direction. There is also regularly scheduled helicopter service to several cities in Italy (the border is only about 25 miles away), with major destinations being along the Italian Riviera and to the French island of Corsica (the Corsican city of Calvi is only a one hour flight away). This is useful information for anyone who wishes to do excursions from Nice during their vacations.

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