Nice Beaches

Nice France Beaches
Nice France Beaches

In Nice France beaches run along the entire seafront. The Nice beaches are some of the most visited of all French Riviera beaches. They extend uninterrupted for more than four miles, following the Promenade des Anglais from the international airport all the way to the foot of the Château in the Vieux-Port (old port).

A great suggested itinerary for a day in Nice France would be spending a morning seeing some of the Nice attractions and an afternoon by the Nice beaches. Like many other French Riviera beaches, the Nice beaches are covered with galets, hard round marble-like pebbles sometimes as large as golf balls. The rocks have been worn smooth by the sea, but can still be uncomfortable to tender feet. Flip-flops or more stylish French beach shoes are highly recommended. For sunbathing, consider taking a padded mat or renting a sun lounger available at all the best beaches by Nice.

The best beaches by Nice are often private. The fifteen private Nice beaches alternate with the public areas. Most are clustered at the more scenic, western end of the bay close to old Nice. Some belong to seafront Nice hotels such as the Beau Rivage. Others welcome anyone willing to pay to 10 to 20 euros for a half-day or full-day pass. Renting a chaise longue, mattress, or parasol is extra. Outside food is also prohibited in these private areas - the best beaches by Nice expect you to buy food from their own restaurant. This is a good idea if you want to enjoy a day of luxury on a French beach; it can be very pleasant (though expensive) to have drinks brought right to your seat. Be sure to request a place on the premier ligne, closest to the Mediterranean and its cooling breeze. One quality private beach is the Castel Plage (plage is the French word for beach) at the foot of the Château, but all the private areas offer a welcome respite from the crowds and loud children on some of the other Nice beaches. If you only have a few days to spend on a French beach, paying for the private area can be well worth the cost.

A tip for a cheaper visit to the Nice beaches is to settle in on your own pad along the fence to a private beach. You can consume your own food and drink but still enjoy the music and atmosphere of the best beaches by Nice. If you visit the private Nice beaches for a sandwich, they will let you use their bathrooms. There are also free showers at regular intervals along the public Nice beaches. Sleeping on the Nice beaches used to be common, though illegal. It has become more difficult with the introduction of bright nighttime lights.

The sunbathing on French Riviera beaches often shocks American visitors. It is not unusual for women on a French beach to sunbathe topless, though on Nice France beaches full nudity is prohibited.

In Nice France beaches are most crowded in July and August, the standard vacation months in Europe. If you are visiting the Nice beaches in these months, you may need to call ahead to reserve a lounger or parasol. A visit to the French Riviera beaches is an essential part of any Côte d'Azur vacation and the best beaches by Nice are as good as any French beach.

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