Things to do in Nice

Nice is one of the glittering jewels of the French Riviera. All promenades and pebble lanes, red brick roofs and alluring blue waters, it’s a fantastic place to spend days, weeks, months, or more. Things to do in Nice generally include a lot of lounging on the beach, but that’s not to say Nice attractions stop at the beaches' end. Rather, there’s a variety of tourist attractions in Nice to suit every taste, including excellent museums, forts, and markets. When compiling your vacation itinerary, you will find an abundance of things to do in Nice.

Promenade des Anglais

Having arrived in the city, one of the very first Nice attractions you should enjoy is the excellent Promenade des Anglais. Not only will this offer you great insight into the area, it will also help in terms of orientation for the rest of your stay. The Promenade des Anglais (Promenade of the English) is a walkway that runs along the near entirety of Nice’s coastline, providing awesome views of the city and its sea. Perfect, then, for a morning walk or a leisurely afternoon stroll.

Marche aux Fleurs

Located in the Couers Saleya area, the Marche aux Fleurs is one of the most instantly attractive tourist attractions in Nice. A flower market of beguiling proportions, you can buy just about any floral arrangement here, from huge bouquets to smaller pot plants. Whether you’re shopping or just taking in the sights, this is France at its picturesque best.


Things to do in Nice
Things to do in Nice

The French Riviera is primarily known for three things: its hotels, its casinos, and its beaches. While Nice only boasts a handful of casinos, the Nice hotels are certainly impressive, and so are the city’s beaches. The beaches are split into public and private; the former are open to everyone, are free to use, and are consequently quite busy. The latter are more secluded, though you’ll have to pay a fee for a lounge chair, a parasol, and a towel, and eating your own food while on the beaches is strictly prohibited.


In the eyes of some, Nice ranks with Paris in terms of the great French museums that can be found here. The Modern Art Museum is probably the most immediately impressive of these, housing a great collection of contemporary work in four tall towers, each of which is connected to the next by a glass corridor. The rooftop gardens here are also worth a visit, especially during the hotter summer months. Another of the museum-based things to do in Nice is the Musee des Beaux-Arts, which includes a great collection of pastels by Jules Cheret. The Matisse Museum is also worth a visit.

Le Chateau

While not much of the original fort remains at Le Chateau, it’s still regarded as one of the interesting and evocative Nice attractions to visit while in the city. A train runs up from the Promenade des Anglais, while an elevator is also available to get you to the top of the hill on which Le Chateau sits. Of course, you can always do things the traditional way and just take the steps. Once at the top, the panoramic vistas of the city are stunning, with the photo opportunities—especially at sunset—proving one of the great tourist attractions in Nice.

Old City

Vieux Nice, or the Old City, is where you’ll find many tourist attractions in Nice. This is an eminently atmospheric place, and simply walking around its winding lanes and gazing at its resplendent architecture proves a great thing to do in Nice by itself.

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