Villefranche Plage

While not technically found in Nice, Villefranche Plage is a beach that Nice visitors won’t want to overlook. As opposed to the beaches in Nice proper, this beach in the nearby town of Villefranche-sur-Mer isn’t made up of sizeable pieces of gravel. Instead, the gravel is relatively fine, almost sandy. This alone makes it one of the most highly-coveted beaches in the region.

While spending time on a beach in Nice proper, you are likely to find yourself walking on padded mats or using swim shoes made of rubber at some point. These things help reduce the relative discomfort of walking on the pebbly beach surfaces. This isn’t necessary on Villefranche Plage. Known as Villefranche Beach in English, this beach is much more comfortable for walking, and it doesn’t hurt that it slopes gently into the sea. Also worth noting is the fact that Villefranche Plage is quite comfortable to lay on, provided that you have a towel at the very least, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to stick a beach umbrella into the ground.

The water at Villefranche Beach is turquoise-blue in color, and more often than not, the conditions are ideal for swimming during the peak summer season. When visitors aren’t swimming, or relaxing on the beach for that matter, they can visit one of the resident cafes or ice cream bars. There is also a waterfront wine bar at the local Welcome Hotel that can make for a fine place to finish off your Villefranche Plage experience.

Villefranche-sur-Mer is the next town over should you be heading east out of Nice. Many visitors rely on buses to get them back and forth. These buses are those that are bound for Menton via Monaco, and they can be picked up at the Port in Nice. The cost to ride is more than reasonable. Couple this with the fact that Villefranche Plage is free, and it can make for a wonderful Nice side trip.

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