Villefranche Sur Mer

Villefranche Sur Mer, a small town in the French Riviera, is located along one of the deepest natural harbors in the world. A neighbor of Nice, this city along the sea is many things at once. It's a beach town, celebrity hangout, and part medieval fortress all rolled into one. Whether you're sneaking in for a few hours while on Nice holidays or spending a few days in rentals in Villefranche Sur Mer, you'll find a lot to experience in all four sunny seasons. Villefranche, like other places along the Riviera, is warm in the winter and even warmer in the summer.

If you're looking for ideas on things to do, you might want to make a stop at the Cultural and Tourist Office. The staff members know the village better than just about anyone, and they're happy to make suggestions about places to go and things on to see on Villefranche Sur Mer vacations. Every Friday, they lead guided tours of Old Town Villefranche Sur Mer and its medieval citadel. These informative outings are free for children under the age of twelve.

Many visitors add visits to museums and cultural sites on their Villefranche Sur Mer vacations, and the tourist office staff can tell you about where to find them. Many are concentrated around Old Town Villefranche, an excellent place to discover the city's medieval roots. Perhaps there's no greater place to connect with history than the citadel, which was first built in the 1550s. Ever since the 1980s, this fortress has been undergoing careful renovations, opening more and more of the space to visitors. Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy special programs and happenings, such as breakfast at the museum, kid-friendly programs, and a springtime festival.

Other museums in Villefranche Sur Mer focus on the sculptures of Antoniucci Volti and the modern art of Henri Goetz. The French Riviera long has attracted the attention of creative types, which you can discover with accompanying visits to the Picasso Museum and others dedicated to Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse, all within a short trip of this city by the sea.

After you've had a chance to visit the museums, there are a number of other elements you could add to your Villefranche Sur Mer vacations. Strolls down the the Rue Obscure (the dark street in English) and other narrow cobblestone ways are often suggested as a good way to discover the city. You can explore gardens, step into the soaring Eglise St Michel, and see the chapel featuring the artwork of Jean Cocteau. Many cruises and tour boats set sail from the docks in Villefranche, providing a chance to see the views from a new vantage point.

Along the same route where soldiers once patrolled the ramparts, you'll find charming shops and restaurants. The local dining scene combines elements of the sea and the rich agricultural bounty of Provence, served as bouillabaisse, grilled fish, and other fresh favorites. The shops also specialize in the local bounty, including olive oil and perfumes.

Because there are so many things to experience, you might want to stick around in the city that has charmed visitors for generations. With reservations at rentals in Villefranche Sur Mer, you'll enjoy easy access to the city, its attractions, and it waterfront. Your choices for overnight accommodations include traditional hotels, charming inns, and so many others. You also can make plans to stay at apartment rentals in Villefranche Sur Mer and sprawling vacations homes. No matter where you stay, the view from your window will be spectacular.

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