Normandy France

Home to Normandy beach, Normandy France is a distinct region on the northern coast of France. Famous for the D-Day landings of June, 1944, Normandy France is home to a large history of invasions and battles, dating back to the Vikings in the 9th century. Overall, Normandy France is a historic and picturesque region, with stunning architecture, sweeping sea vistas, and rolling green fields dotted with farmhouse and cows.

While on holiday in France start in Rouen, an ancient, inland town with superb medieval buildings and museums. Nineteen-year-old Joan of Arc was burned here in 1431. A church, the Église Jeanne d'Arc marks the spot and contains 16th century stained glass windows. Medieval half-timber houses still line certain cobblestone streets. Rouen's Cathédrale Notre-Dame hosts France's tallest spire, rising 490 feet in the air. Claude Monet frequently pained the cathedral.

Next, head to Honfleur, a fishing port on the coast, for excellent sea food, and the charming coastal atmosphere. Then continue your holiday in France in Deauville, an elegant resort town, where Hollywood elites like to vacation. If Rouen didn't make it evident, the expansive flower fields near Deauville should add meaning to Monet's paintings.

After the coast, poke inland to Bayeux to see the famous Bayeux Tapestry, a 225 foot embroidered scroll, depicting the swash of William the Conqueror as he ascends the throne of England. From Bayeux, Normandy beaches--the D-Day beaches--are a scant 10 miles. Maps of the beaches are available at tobacco and news stands. These are a popular stop during a holiday in France. Port Winston features a fabricated harbor of cement caissons sunk in the bay. The Musee du Debarquement details information about the port. English tours available. Longues-sur-Mer features massive German artillery cannons, designed to hit targets 12 miles away. They are still in place today. Along Omaha Beach a memorial marks the site of an American cemetery. There are more cemeteries to visits, including the American Military Cemetery, Commonwealth Military Cemeteries, Canadian Military Cemetery, and the German Military Cemetery. Pointe du Hoc includes a memorial to the US Army Rangers who secured an artillery point, and fought off the German forces for two days. Many companies offer bus tours of Normandy beaches.

Lastly, don't miss the beautiful seascape at Mont-St-Michel bay. A granite wall stands 264 feet high, leaving a lasting impression on visitors, as they gaze out into the bay. Normandy is a picturesque portion of France, with vast history, and a solemn atmosphere. There are plenty of quiet, charming towns to explore, historic churches and buildings, artistic stopping points, and of course, the D-Day beaches, all making Normandy France an exciting area for a holiday in France.



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