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A Paris flight has often come at a cost and length that has prevented some travelers from visiting the acclaimed, romantic capital of France. In recent years, however, Paris airfare has become more affordable as the major airlines have had to cope with the growing presence of budget airlines, and additionally, many airlines today fly to Paris directly from the United States, leaving behind the days of needing to transfer in London. For many travelers who are deciding when to go, price is an important factory, so if you’re looking for a cheap flight to Paris, you may need to also choose a less popular time of year for your vacation.

Travelers can find a direct Paris flight from the United States on a number of airlines including American, Delta, Continental, Air France, United, and US Airways. The Paris airfare for each of these airlines will differ depending on your origin location. Each of these companies has airports they consider to be a hub, where they have numerous flights and from which you would be more likely to find a cheap flight to Paris. Certain areas of the US will still require domestic connections to reach Paris, but if you are willing to add a stopover, this may also save you some money.

The most important factor in determining your Paris airfare is the season. Although July and August can be hot in Paris, the summer is still a very popular time to go. During this period, airfare, hotels, and even restaurants will be more expensive than usual. A great alternative to this time of year is the shoulder season. In the spring months of March and April the weather won’t be quite as warm, but the flowers will be in bloom and there is a bit of spring fever in the air, as people enjoy being able to return to outdoor cafés and parks. Similarly, in September and October the crowds have left Paris and the autumn colors are yours to enjoy. During these shoulder periods, it will be easier to find a cheap flight to Paris.

The best airfare will be found during the off-season. After the buzz of Christmas and New Year's, Paris quiets down for visitors. The second half of January and February are cold months, and few travelers choose to explore Paris during this period. If you are willing to brave the cold, excellent deals can be found during this time. Many of the pleasures of Paris are found indoors, including French cuisine, exhibitions at museums and galleries, and shopping. The efficient Metro system and city buses can help you travel farther distances, removing the need to walk everywhere. You will feel as if you have Paris to yourself if you choose to travel during outside the peak tourist season.

When researching a Paris flight, it still may be worthwhile to investigate the cost of flying to neighboring European cities. For instance, you could combine a trip to Paris with a visit to London, Brussels, or Cologne, and connect to the French capital with the train system. If airfare to Paris is expensive during the period you would like to travel, turning to the trains could be an affordable alternative. This itinerary also allows you to explore more than just one city on your trip. The main international airport in Paris is Charles de Gaulle, and this airport is well-connected to the city center by train. It is not advised to take a taxi, which can be expensive and subject to the traffic jams that plague Paris daily. The Metro can help you to reach your hotel quickly and affordably, but beware if you have a lot of suitcases—there are many stairs in Paris Metro stations that may make you regret how much luggage you brought.

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