Champs Elysees Hotels

Champs Elysees hotels offer a variety of options for visitors to Paris. This world renowned destination is filled with numerous lodging options; the location is appealing to many travelers, as being in close proximity to major attractions, shops, and restaurants makes an afternoon stroll filled with plenty of things to do only a few steps away from your door. Ranging from some of the most luxurious hotels in the city to affordable mid-range choices, each Champs Elysees accommodation option promises a unique and charming experience on the most famous street in Paris.

Residing so close to one of the most popular attractions in Paris often means paying a hefty sum, especially for a Champs Elysees accommodation, but the luxury is often well worth the price. Fouquet’s Barriere, Hotel Lancaster, and Four Seasons’ George V are three of the most elite establishments in the 8th arrondissement, and all promise an unforgettable stay. Rich colors and beautiful designs await guests at Fouquet’s Barriere; this Champs Elysees accommodation boasts a garden atrium, open-air terraces, and balconies, along with extraordinary interior and exterior designs. At the Hotel Lancaster, travelers will experience the luxury of living in a nineteenth-century mansion, featuring a Zen garden courtyard and traditionally inspired furnishing and décor.

If you've always dreamed of dining on a private terrace with the Eiffel Tower and lights of Paris as a backdrop to your evening, head for the Four Seasons George V—you can expect this type of amazing experience here. Dubbed the best hotel in the world by Gallivanter's Guide, George V is enveloped in a rich, traditionally elegant air of beauty and design, from the fitness and swimming area to the tapestries in every room, offering stunning views of Paris from each terrace and balcony. There are 245 guest rooms at this hotel on the Champs Elysees, and they range from a Moderate Room to an array of luxurious suites, such as the Royal One Bedroom Suite. All rooms provide down pillows, wireless internet, twice-daily housekeeping, and a refrigerated private bar, among other amenities.

If you're still looking to stay around the Champs Elysees but can't afford the highest prices, there are other options. Still in the splurge range of rates, some four-star establishments include Hotel California, offering a piano bar and 185 rooms of varying price and luxury; the Hotel Vernet, which offers a chic design and high-quality amenities, and the Marriott Paris Champs-Elysees, boasting lovely views of the city. If the funds are available in your vacation budget, choosing to splurge on a hotel on the Champs Elysees will provide guests with a truly elegant Parisian vacation experience.

Champs Elysees Hotels
Champs Elysees Hotels

Other Champs Elysees hotels have taken somewhat of a more moderate approach for housing visitors, and though, still relatively pricey, they offer more affordability along with the basic amenities, services, and proximity to desired attractions. Hotel des Champs Elysees, Hotel d’Artois, Libertel Hotel d’Argentine, Hotel Balmoral, Hotel Le Belmont (pictured), and Hotel Bradford by Best Western are featured in the two- to three-star category; many of the two- and three-star Champs Elysees hotels are located in the perimeter areas of the 8th arrondissement rather than right in the center, but the location is still excellent and within walking distance of plenty of attractions.

Location is an essential factor to consider when searching for hotels, and the Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris is among the most popular in the city. Because the 8th arrondissement is the most elite and one of the most beautiful parts of the city, many visitors flock to this area, causing the prices to skyrocket at times; however, choosing to stay on or near beautiful Champs Elysees is sure to be an unforgettable experience, so it's well worth searching for vacation packages or off-season rates if you can't afford the peak travel times. While staying at a hotel on the Champs Elysees, you'll have an array of exciting things to do and gorgeous views literally right at your doorstep, so plan early and make reservations in advance to ensure the best deals at your favored hotel.

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