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Paris cheap hotels may not always be easy to find, but they can help budget travelers plan the perfect vacation to the City of Light. Budget accommodations are available throughout the city, and given a little bit of research, an affordable and comfortable place to stay can be found quite easily, leaving extra money to spend on restaurants, shopping, and admission to museums and other attractions. There are various types of budget lodging in France's capital city, from a hostel to a motel in Paris, and each one offers a unique experience with the locals, fellow travelers, and local hospitality, making for an altogether delightful vacation in Paris.

Cheap Hotels in Paris
Cheap Hotels in Paris

The city of Paris is divided into 28 sections called arrondissements, and depending on your desired location, whether you are searching for a hotel or a motel in Paris, you may find more or fewer opportunities for cheap hotels and accommodations. The 8th arrondissement, home to the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Place de la Concorde, is one of the most expensive districts in the city, and here visitors are less likely to find an abundance of budget accommodations than in other areas; however, there are a few opportunities to find a cheap accommodation in Paris that are almost always located near popular attractions. As a general rule, the prices grow higher as the hotels move closer to the city center, so staying a bit farther away and relying on public transit to get around can help save money.

Although many of the Paris cheap hotels are located in the outskirts of town, they offer close proximity to the underground stations for the Metro system. The Hipotel Paris Belleville Hotel, located in the 10th arrondissement at the edge of most of the popular tourist areas, offers inexpensive comfort, excellent views of the city, and a location near the Colonel Fabien station. Within the 18th district, in the northern part of Paris, Montmartre Clignancourt Hotel is an excellent selection for those who wish to visit the famed Moulin Rouge and the Basilica du Sacre Coeur; the Gare du Nord metro station is within a short walk, allowing visitors easy access to all of the major attractions in the city.

Montmartre is home to several Paris budget hotels, including the previously mentioned Clignancourt Hotel, such as Hotel Bervic, Hotel Bonsejour, and Hotel des Arts (pictured at top). Though the price and location are both excellent, Hotel Bervic is a comfortable cheap accommodation in Paris that may not suit all travelers—there is no elevator, so this may not be ideal for those lugging heavy baggage or who have trouble climbing stairs. Hotel Bonsejour offers affordable quality, comfort, and convenience; with complimentary airport shuttle service, a business center, and a balcony view from every room, guests will enjoy four-star service at a two-star price. Similarly, Hotel des Arts offers more for your money, with a host of amenities and services in a centrally located establishment near major shopping areas and Metro stations.

From the city center to the very outskirts of town, Paris cheap hotels are numerous, offering varied amenities and services, choosing the right one for your vacation demands thorough research and a knowledge of personal needs. Hostels are another option for those looking for a cheap accommodation in Paris; particularly popular with young travelers, these offer inexpensive accommodations and the chance to meet fellow travelers. Staying in a motel in Paris is quite similar to other cheap hotels and just as comfortable, though the prices are often a bit more affordable. The capital city of France is one of the most wonderful destinations in the world, and finding the right hotel to suit every vacation is well worth the effort for everyone to pay a visit to this romantic city.

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