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Paris Disneyland hotels allow travelers to stay close to one of the most popular attractions in Paris. Disneyland Paris is a great place for visitors of all ages, and it attractions millions of people each year. As such, the accommodations are numerous as well, and several of the hotels offer point exchanges for the Disney Vacation Club. Including various price ranges and types of lodging, the specific Euro Disney hotels offer themes and special packages, while others, still in close proximity to the park, are simply for lodging guests. Each Disneyland hotel in Paris offers a unique set of amenities and services in addition to a charming experience that will leave a lasting impression of any Paris vacation.

Disney Vacation Club members can acquire point exchanges at a number of the Paris Disneyland hotels, including Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club (pictured), the Sequoia Lodge, and the illustrious Disneyland Hotel. Nearly every Disney hotel in Paris is located on the shores of Lake Disney, and each one offers a different theme. The New York Hotel is a popular location for conventions, while nearby Newport Bay offers a great summer getaway and beautiful views of the lake. Consisting of one large unit and several smaller units, Sequoia Lodge is dispersed throughout the local wooded area, providing guests the opportunity to do some exploration. Above the main entrance of the resort, Disneyland Hotel is the most extravagant and expensive hotel in the area, and as it is quite near the theme parks, guests will not have to walk too far to experience Lake Disney and the Village.

Other Euro Disney hotels include the Cheyenne, the Santa Fe, and the Davy Crockett Ranch, each again offering a unique theme, and though they are further away, they are more budget-friendly than the options that are closest to the park. With a Western-style theme, Cheyenne is a Disney hotel in Paris which is renowned for offering the best fare at their all-you-can-eat buffet. Across the river, Santa Fe offers some of the cheapest rates of the Euro Disney hotels, and its Southwestern theme and Navajo-style design are welcoming and always popular among visitors. Farther away, but still within an easy drive of the park, Davy Crockett Ranch is unique in that it consists of several motel type buildings along with a petting zoo and horse rides

If you'd prefer to stay outside of the Paris Disneyland hotels but are still looking for especially convenient accommodations and package deals, there are a number of partner hotels in the area, such as the Radisson Blu, Kyriad Hotel, and Vienna International Magic Circus. As Disneyland Paris is such a popular destination for families, all of the Disney and partner hotels welcome children and have plenty of amenities just for younger visitors, which can be harder to find at unaffiliated properties.

Visitors can find several nearby independent hotels that are accessible by shuttle or car, such as Holiday Inn, featuring a circus theme, and PV-Holidays Adagio Val d’Europe, modeled after a private mansion. Holiday Inn is located near the other themed Paris Disney hotels and is serviced by a Disney airport shuttle as well as park shuttles. Offering a charming mixture of urban style décor with a garden atmosphere, PV-Holidays Adagio Val d’Europe is also friendly on the budget. Whether you decide to stay in an official Disney hotel in Paris or a nearby independent hotel, a visit to the resort is a definite must for things to do in see in the City of Light.

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