Eiffel Tower Tours

Eiffel Tower tours are very popular. The soaring structure is one of the most identifiable landmarks in the world, and no visit to Paris would arguably be complete without getting a close look at it. On guided tours, visitors to the City of Lights can get insight into its fascinating story, and the opportunity to ascend to one of the visitor floors is also likely to be available.

Eiffel Tower Tours
Eiffel Tower Tours

Many of the tours in Paris highlight the Eiffel Tower, not to mention a variety of other top attractions, such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Among them are double-decker bus tours, the likes of which are very popular. Walking tours are also a great way to get up close to the tower, and there are even free tours available from several companies and many hostels. While these types of tours don’t include admission to the tower, they are great for the newcomer who is trying to learn the layout of the land.

For those who prefer, there are Paris tours that go a little more in-depth when it comes to certain attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower. One such type of tour is a guided coach tour that is similar to the double-decker bus tours, only Eiffel Tower tickets are included in the price. The tower visit comes at the end, thus allowing guests to spend as much time as they wish enjoying the grand structure. Three hours is the approximate duration of these Eiffel Tower tours. If you are looking for bus or motorcoach tours, ask as your hotel or hostel, check out the closest tourism office, or even look for pamphlets in restaurants or near major sites. These tours are popular and not hard to locate once you're in Paris.

There are Paris tours for all kinds of interests, with the behind the scenes tours of the Eiffel Tower being just one example. On these tours that are led by local guides, guests get wonderful insight into the history of the Eiffel Tower, and there are opportunities to see things that most other tourists don’t get to see. Also part of the package is a line-skipping ride up to the second floor, where amazing views of Paris can be enjoyed. On many of the behinds the scenes tours of the Eiffel Tower, guests are picked up at their hotels or apartments and driven to the site. Other tours of this kind require guests to meet the guide and perhaps other tour guests at the base of the tower.

To get a different perspective, visitors to Paris can indulge in Eiffel Tower tours at night. Among the options in this department are the boat and land tours that see guests cruising down the River Seine before they head up to the second floor of the tower. Eiffel Tower tours involving dinner are also an option for those who are wishing to enjoy their tours after the sun goes down. These tours can include a meal at one of the Eiffel Tower restaurants, and a Moulin Rouge show might just be the follow up.

River cruises that include dinner at one of the Eiffel Tower restaurants are also available. The meals are often three-course deals at the very least, and some savory French wine will most likely accompany the delicious food. Whether it’s day or night, most of the river cruises on the Seine that highlight the Eiffel Tower embark from the Port de la Bourdonnais docks near the base of the tower.

As a side note, many of the Paris tours that highlight such attractions as the Eiffel Tower offer to pick guests up at their hotels or apartment rentals. This can be wonderfully convenient, especially for visitors who are unfamiliar with the city.

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