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Events in Paris
Events in Paris  Image: Paris Tourist Office/Marc Bertrand

Paris events bring a variety of travelers to France each year, in addition to the many museums, restaurants, and landmarks that attract visitors. Annual events draw tourists who arrive for the best in fashion, film, and cultural celebrations, and many are well worth attending. If you plan in advance, you can secure all the necessary tickets and maybe even an affordable hotel room. Whether you arrive to attend a festival in Paris or grab a front seat at fashion week, you’ll be glad you explored another thriving aspect of Parisian life.

The Paris film festival draws film-lovers from across the globe each spring. Featuring more than 100 international films each year, the Paris film festival has grown vastly since it debuted in 1986. While it may not be as world-famous as the Cannes Film Festival held in the south of France, this festival in Paris still draws a crowd. The festival is tourist-friendly, and visitors are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance. The venue for the Paris film festival is the Cinema Gaumont Marignan on the Champs-Elysees. Seeking to attract people from outside the film industry, this festival welcomes film buffs and novices alike every year.

One of the most anticipated Paris events of the year is fashion week. It is one of the top fashion events of the global year, and designers, models, and fashion-lovers flock to Paris to see what’s new. Along with New York, London, and Milan, Paris hosts one of the oft-called big four events in the fashion world, and some of the most popular and talented designers on the planet show their crafts here.

French Open
French Open  Image: sebrenner (flickr)

Not all Paris events are artistic and creative, however; others are based on history or sport. The French Open takes place each May, and it is a favorite event on the sports calendar, as it is also one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments held each year. For nonprofessional athletes, the Paris Marathon is a highly anticipated event. Each April runners take to the streets of Paris for the marathon, and the pleasant spring weather is perfect for running through the picturesque neighborhoods of the city.

Summer events in Paris include Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14 each year. This French national holiday commemorates the storming of the Bastille on the same day in 1789. Considered by many to be a symbol of modern France, this day includes parades and festivities that are especially fun for tourists. Getting the opportunity to see fireworks exploding over the Eiffel Tower is an experience that travelers won’t soon forget. During this time and for most Paris events it is smart to make reservations in advance for airfare and accommodation. Many travelers plan months, even a year, in advance to attend some of these festivals, and hotels will book quickly.

Whether a festival in Paris, historical holiday, or special exhibition brings you to the City of Light, there will be plenty to keep you busy outside of the event. From a boat cruise along the River Seine to a bike tour throughout the various neighborhoods, an event in Paris will only be the beginning of exploring what the city has to offer. Beyond museums, restaurants, and shopping there is another side of Paris that visitors can see if they do a bit of research as to the festivals, cultural celebrations, and events that bring a renewed spirit to Paris throughout the year.

Top image: y.caradec (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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