Quartier Latin Hotels

Latin Quarter hotels, located in the 5th arrondissement, are abundant, offering a number of accommodations ranging from budget to luxury. Located on the Left Bank of the River Seine, the Latin Quarter is one of the most well-known areas in Paris, and when staying in one of the world's most charming cities, many travelers prefer to splurge a little to experience the renowned quality of the luxury hotels in the city. However, the neighborhood is available to travelers on almost any budget; though it is a more expensive place to stay, compared with the outer districts, it can still be affordable. Each of the Latin Quarter hotels promises guests a unique charm to round out their delightful vacation in Paris, no matter where they stay.

In Paris, traveling on a budget may be somewhat of a challenge; nevertheless, it is still doable, and it's an excellent option not only for saving money, but also for the wonderful overall experience. Many times, staying at budget accommodation in the Latin Quarter or elsewhere, such as hostels, means a friendly environment that allows you to meet fellow travelers and get to know locals. Whether this is for advice on the best things to do or to meet potential travel buddies, it is always a delightful feeling to make new friends and meet new people.

Quartier Latin Hotels
Quartier Latin Hotels

For instance, the Young and Happy Hostel is basic but clean, and it is popular among singles and younger travelers, as it is located within an area with a lively nightlife. Near Notre Dame, Hotel du Commerce offers small clean rooms, a shared kitchen, and shared showers for an added cost of a few euros. Reaching into the higher prices, but still in the budget range, the Hotel Esmeralda is a beautiful option for accommodation in the Latin Quarter, so popular it has become that two to three months advance booking is required to ensure reservations and the best deals.

Staying in a mid-range Paris Latin Quarter hotel is an excellent option for many travelers, including individuals, couples, groups of friends, and families who would like to enjoy the comforts and amenities traditionally expected during a vacation, while still saving some money to put toward entertainment and admission to museums and other attractions. Several of the popular Latin Quarter hotels include Hotel Familia (pictured at top), Hotel Minerve, Maitre Albert B&B, Hotel du Levant, and Hotel de l’Esperance.

Situated next door to each other, Familia and Minerve are two Quartier Latin hotels which are, in addition to being locally owned and operated by the same family, within the same hotel family, offering various types of décor and amenities of two- and three-star ratings. Located on Rue Maitre Albert, the Maitre Albert B&B offers guests the quaint atmosphere of a French home, as well as the luxuries and comforts offered by mid-range accommodation in the Latin Quarter. Hotel du Levant offers standard small rooms of high quality as well as superb service. Hotel de l’Esperance is another family-owned and operated establishment with quality ratings on Rue Pascal.

Spending those extra dollars will often create some of the most memorable vacation experiences, especially for honeymooners and couples, or even simply for those who revel in the best of the best. At four stars, Hotel Agora Saint-Germain, Hotel Le Petit Paris, and Hotel Les Rives De Notre Dame each offer excellent services, a full range of amenities, and quality rooms. Visitors will find that these Quartier Latin hotels, though they are relatively pricey, will spare no expense for serving their guests. When choosing accommodation in the 5th arrondissement, the four- and five-star Latin Quarter hotels are among the best in the city, and if you have the cash, spending the extra money on a hotel with high-quality amenities and an the excellent location ensures a charming vacation in the City of Light.

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