Marais Paris Hotel

A Marais Paris hotel is the perfect place to stay if you're interested in visiting one of the most fascinating and historic areas of the city. Le Marais spans the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris, and many travelers choose this area because of the delightful attractions located in these two districts, including medieval relics in lower Marais and several museums located in the quieter area of Le Marais in the 3rd district. Le Marais hotels come in a variety of price ranges, and each establishment has something unique to offer its guests, from superb service to exquisite décor.

Marais Paris Hotels
Marais Paris Hotels

Depending on your choice of activities and nearby attractions, either arrondissement offers its own set of accommodations and experiences. A quieter atmosphere resonates from upper Marais in the 3rd arrondissement, and guests interested in art will enjoy the large selection of museums, including the Musee Picasso and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, which contains prototypes of significant inventions such as the Statue of Liberty and the Foucault pendulum. The 3rd district is often considered among the best places to live in the city of Paris, and this quiet area offers visitors a quaint atmosphere, filled with plenty of things to do and see at their leisure.

Marais Paris Hotel
Marais Paris Hotel

The Marais Paris hotel selection is somewhat slim in the 3rd district as opposed to the 4th; however, nearly every Marais accommodation located within this particular arrondissement offers a high degree of quality that will allow guests to experience the charm and beauty of the area. Hotel du Marais, also called Maison Marais, provides guests with an excellent location at the higher end of the budget spectrum. Several mid-range Le Marais Hotels offer pleasing views and exceptional services in addition to being an enchanting supplement to an exquisite Paris vacation. Austin's Arts et Metiers Hotel possesses a courtyard, and the view of the city is said to be quite lovely from the rooms; especially notable are the rooms on the 6th floor. Other mid-range hotels in this area include Hotel du Vieux Saule (pictured), located near several attractions, including the Picasso Museum, and Hotel Paix Republique, situated in the Place de la Republique, near the Opera Garnier.

In the 4th arrondissement, which is lower Marais, many of the medieval structures continue to be in use today, such as Notre Dame de Paris, the great cathedral; the Hotel de Ville, the city hall of Paris; Tour St Jacques, a gothic church tower that played a significant role in the history of Paris; the area the once contained the Bastille, which now stands in ruin and rebirth; Victor Hugo’s house, which is open to public viewing; and several other memorials and museums.

With a bit more flamboyance and energy, the 4th district is home to the central hub of Le Marais, and as such, offers a bit more in the way of accommodations than the 3rd does, including Les Jardins du Marais, newly renovated and set amidst the charming backdrop of old Paris, where one might envision artists and lovers residing and congregating. This boutique hotel has been exceptionally designed and offers a soothing ambiance upon entering the front doors; in addition to beauty and charm, Les Jardins du Marais imparts a number of amenities and services that are quite unmatched in the area.

Hotel de Sully is one of the oldest establishments in the 4th arrondissement, dating back to the Renaissance; once the residence of the Duc de Sully, a minister of King Henry IV, guests of this hotel will enjoy manicured gardens and an attractive collection of sculpture and artwork along with a pleasant array of amenities and services with accommodations. Other Le Marais hotels featured in the 4th arrondissement are Hotel de Nice, Hotel de la Place des Vosges, Hotel Bastille Speria, and Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais. Budget travelers will find a wide selection of reasonable accommodations in this district as well; some of these consist of Hotel du Vieux Marais, the Grand Hotel Jeanne d’Arc, and Hotel Rivoli.

From the charming budget and mid-range hotels in the 3rd arrondissement to Les Jardins du Marais and Hotel de Sully in the 4th, visitors of Marais will experience the attraction of one of the most historically fashionable districts in Paris. Whether you choose the 3rd, 4th, or 5th district, staying in a Marais Paris hotel will provide a delightful experience of this historic city, from the medieval architecture to the marvelous display of the Parisian lifestyle in the many cafes, museums, and historic sites.

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