Monet Museum

The Monet Museum in Paris is a delight for fans of impressionist art. This attraction displays many important works by the French master, and of all the Monet exhibits in Paris, this museum has the largest and most impressive collection. In fact, the largest collection of Monet paintings in the world can be found at this museum. Monet is known as the founder of the impressionist style of painting, in fact, the name itself derives from one of his paintings: Impression, Sunrise. Whether you’re interest in Monet, impressionism in general, or none of the above, the sheer grandeur of the Marmatton Monet Museum is enjoyable.

Some visitors to Paris complain about long lines at museums and expensive ticket prices. Another complaint is about the age of some of the works, in the Louvre, for example, that leave little for people today to relate to. If you’ve felt this way about Paris museums in the past, head to the Monet Museum for a breath of fresh air. The large collection of Monet’s work comes from two sources: Monet’s physician and friend George de Bellio, and the painter’s younger son, Michel Monet. The exhibition hall is special as well, and in this beautiful space, you will encounter work from many periods of Monet’s career.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Marmatton Monet Museum is watching the development of the artist’s technique over time. Other museums can’t possibly offer this perspective on his craft as they don’t have the necessary volume of work. Here, visitors will see the original painting for impressionism got its name, as well as many favorites including series on water lilies, irises, and poplars. From a steaming train at a snow-covered station to boats on glistening water, the pieces in this collection are stunning. Of all Monet exhibits in Paris, you will leave this one with a greater understanding of the artist and his intentions.

If you’re planning a visit to the Monet Museum, it is open every day except Monday from 11 am to 6 pm. If you would rather visit in the evening, the collection remains open until 9 pm each Tuesday. On any day, the last entry to the Marmatton Monet Museum is half an hour before closing time. The cost of admission is reasonable as well, with discounts available for students and seniors. Children under 8 are admitted free. It is also possible to reach the museum with public transportation. The best way to get here is by the Metro, taking Line 9 to Muette.

While there are many Monet exhibits in Paris and beyond, there are none that are as comprehensive as this museum. Besides the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions also delve into certain topics of interest to the artist. For example, one recent exhibition is entitled, “Monet and Abstraction.” There is also a bookshop at the museum is you’re interested in bringing home a souvenir or learning more about the French artist. Of all the museums in Paris, the Monet Museum is one that many visitors return to again and again for its rich collection of stunning paintings and more intimate atmosphere.

Image: Sailko (wikipedia)
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