Montaigne Hotel, Paris

Montaigne Hotel

6 Avenue Montaigne

An authentic 19th century facade is decorated with seasonal flowers throughout the year and a warm Florentine atmosphere created by artisans welcomes you in the lobby and bar areas. An extension of a cozy corner, the bar enables you to savor your cocktail in a decor that reflects the harmony of the overall setting. The gentle and calm atmosphere of this area is complemented by a discretely overhanging winter garden, the freshness and light of which add an exotic note. Spacious rooms reveal a harmonious decor of tasteful styles. Prestige and authenticity, charm and intimacy, the Hotel Montaigne a true tribute to a sense of discrete luxury. Designed with simplicity and refinement, the bathrooms are enlarged by a mirror reflecting while marble and sophisticated lighting for your added comfort in the privacy of your own home. A special welcome awaits you in the elegant and refined surroundings of the Hotel Montaigne at the heart of the capital*s prestigious Golden Triangle. A setting in the grand tradition where attentiveness and discretion assure an unmatched blend of luxury and calm.