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Montparnasse Paris is an exciting area for vacationers, who will have their choice of things to do here, including some of the city's best tours. Finding your way around Paris and its different neighborhoods is an adventure, as each of the twenty is unique. The Quartier Montparnasse is located in parts of the city's 6th and 14th arrondissements and offers easy access to plenty of major attractions in Paris.

The Quartier Montparnasse is distinctive in its attractions, history, atmosphere, and points of interest. From the assorted local and ethnic restaurants in Montparnasse to touring the Catacombs under the city, an adventure awaits you.

Paris displays a variety of architectural form from old world structures to new world skyscrapers. One of the tallest buildings is the 59-story La Tour Montparnasse, which houses a restaurant on the 56th floor and a terrace with spectacular views of the city on the 59th. Both the restaurant and the top-floor terrace are open to the public and are very popular among visitors. An interesting tidbit about the tower is two years after the completion of La Tour Montparnasse, the building of skyscrapers was banned within the city due to criticism that the tower did not fit in with the landscape of the area.

Montparnasse Paris Map
Montparnasse Paris Map

Within the Montparnasse Paris neighborhood, numerous boutiques, vintage shops, cafes, and restaurants as well as tourist attractions. At Parc Montsouris, you can relax and savor the flowers and trees or the quiet solitude by the lake. Stroll along wooden pathways, enjoying bubbling brooks and gentle waterfalls or bring the children for a fun day of rides, puppet shows, and playtime at the playground. For dining, the Parc has its own onsite restaurant.

Montparnasse  Image: Paris Tourist Office/ David Lefranc

Adjacent to the Quartier Montparnasse and located in the 15th district is the Bourdelle Museum featuring sculptures and paintings by the artist. The Montparnasse Cemetery, opened in 1824, is also a popular tourist attraction. Throughout the cemetery, visitors will see examples of ornate architecture, tombs, sculptures, and statuary. Many notables and intellectual elite of Paris are buried at Montparnasse.

Running along corridors beneath the city, the Catacombs of Paris are an adventure into the past. Created in the late 1700s, the catacombs contain over six million remains of Parisians. They are open to the public but due to the extensive and strenuous climbing and walking, the tour is not recommended for young children or adults with health issues. Access to the Catacombs of Paris Museum is found in the 14th arrondissement.

To the north of Montparnasse Paris, and also in the 6th arrondissement, is the neighborhood of St Germain des Pres. The history of the neighborhood is seen in it architecture, churches and museums. Several places of interest include the Zadkine Museum and Eugene Delacroix Museum featuring permanent works that include frescos, paintings, and sculptures by both artists. One of the premier locations to visit that will have you standing where French nobility of past times once stood is the Luxembourg Palace built in the early 1600s. The many acres of the Palace grounds, which include the Jardin du Luxembourg, contain exquisite statuary, sculptures, and extensive gardens.

Montparnasse is an easy place for travelers to spend time because of its array of hotels, dining options, and access to transportation. Two outstanding restaurants in the 6th district are Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots; each has its own colorful history depicted by an artistic atmosphere and fine dining. Transportation throughout Montparnasse Paris, as well as the other neighborhoods, includes taxis, public bus, and rental cars, and of course, the Paris Metro.

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