Paris Nightlife

Latin Quarter Nightlife
Latin Quarter Nightlife

Paris nightlife comes in every imaginable shape, form, and intensity. From quiet nights sipping cocktails with friends to buzzing clubs that don’t close until the morning, you will have a range of options for nightlife in the City of Light. Clubs in Paris reflect the fashion sense of the city, and they are always trendy, well-dressed, and full of young people. Whether live music, DJs, unique cocktails, or just a relaxed place to unwind is the focus of your night out in Paris, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of the most fashionable capital cities in all of Europe.

Nightlife in Paris
Nightlife in Paris  Image: Paris Tourist Office/ Amélie Dupont

After a cultural day spent in the museums or touring the landmarks, what could be better than a night out on the town? Throw on that new outfit you found while you were shopping in the city's boutiques, and head for one of the many nightlife districts. One of the most popular is Oberkamps Paris, a trendy district that gained popularity in the mid-90s for its condensed nightlife scene. Some visitors complain that Oberkamps Paris is too crowded, but if you’re looking for a bustling night out, this is the place to go. Complete with relaxed cafés, bars, and music venues, lively travelers will find something to suit their mood in this area of Paris.

Bastille Paris Nightlife
Bastille Paris Nightlife  Image: Ramón Cutanda (flickr)

Paris nightlife continues in the Bastille area, perfectly suited for twentysomethings looking for a party. Less crowded than Oberkamps Paris, Bastille is home to a rich variety of nightlife including classy clubs, music venues, and dive bars. Clubs in Paris feature diverse music, and Bastille is no exception. From salsa to electronic dance music, you’ll find options reflecting a variety of cultures in this area of the city. Most areas of Paris nightlife can be reached via the Metro, but be aware that the trains stop running around midnight. You can either party until 5:30 am when they open again, or take a taxi back to your hotel. Night buses are also an option, but they operate less frequently than normal city buses.

Another popular area for clubs in Paris is the Marais district. This historic area has been transformed into one of the city's most exciting nightlife centers. Known to be a thriving gay and lesbian area, the Marais district is very welcoming. A variety of music, a lively atmosphere, and a unique vibe attracts Parisians and travelers alike to these bars in Paris. Some of the bars in this district seem like they belong in other cities, as visitors don’t always expect to encounter gritty bars and pubs in Paris; however, though these options resemble Berlin, they can be found in the Marais district as well.

Paris nightlife can include restaurants as well. Some visitors may be surprised to learn just how late they can dine in Paris. After a long lunch, dinner can be put off until quite late in the French capital. After-dinner drinks are a common occurrence in Paris, and some restaurants seem to transform themselves into lounges or bars after hours. If you aren’t in the mood for rowdy nightlife or clubs, there are still plenty of watering holes to explore in Paris. From a relaxed candelit setting to a loud and trendy nightclub, the options for nighttime entertainment in Paris are endless.

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