Paris Bed and Breakfast

Paris offers an array of accommodation for all types of travelers, from luxury four-star hotels to student hostels, but for the most intimate, original stay in Paris bed and breakfast is a great option.

Staying in a bed and breakfast in Paris offers many advantages over traditional hotels. Interaction with the hosts of a Paris bed and breakfast permits a closer glimpse at the culture of this magnificent city. The proprietors are likely to speak at least a little English and will be able to make recommendations for restaurants, museums, shopping, and entertainment in the neighborhood. This local knowledge can prove invaluable—Paris is too big to see everything and even the best guidebooks will overlook some hidden treasures. Camaraderie and friendship with a true Parisian is something you are unlikely to find even in a small hotel, but this is a realistic possibility if you stay in a bed and breakfast in Paris. Visiting a Paris bed and breakfast also permits a look at a real French home—a typical bed and breakfast in Paris could be in a large, old-fashioned apartment.

Drawbacks to a bed and breakfast Paris stay include more restrictive entry and exit hours (hosts won’t appreciate a late return home), shared bathrooms, and minimum stay requirements (usually at least three nights). Obviously, there is no room service and no concierge, so you must coordinate your arrival with the hosts in advance. Prices per night will run anywhere from $75 to $250 (generally at least $100 a night), but this is usually a small price to pay for the intimacy of a Paris bed and breakfast.

For those looking for a comfortable, friendly bed and breakfast Paris provides many choices. There are several reliable agencies specializing in Paris bed and breakfast. One unique B&B that is worth considering is the Bateau Pytheas, a houseboat on the Seine River near the Place de Concorde in central Paris. The historic Villa Mansard, 8 kilometers east of Paris, is a perfect place to escape the crowds of the city, but still be a short train ride from all the Paris attractions. Rooms start at about $100 a night for two people. Villa Mansaurd is also close to Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris Disneyland.

Closer to the action, Villa Clara is an exceptional 1850s mansion on a quiet street near Montmartre. In the 9eme arrondissmont, near some great shopping in Paris and many excellent restaurants, Villa Clara’s master bedroom is a luxurious 100 square meters. Prices start at about $200 a night.

Paris is a magical city, with beauty waiting around every corner, but it’s size and pace can make it daunting and overwhelming to an unfamiliar visitor. When you stay in a bed and breakfast Paris somehow becomes smaller and more intimate. This familiarity is what makes staying in a bed and breakfast in Paris a priceless experience, bound to enrich any European vacation.

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