Paris Museum Pass

The Paris museum pass adds great value to your vacation if you have an interest in art and history. In some instances, Paris museums have free admission, such as the historic Musee Carnavalet, but many others require an admission fee (making the pass a wise investment). The Paris museum pass can be purchased upon arrival at the Charles de Gaulle airport and many other tourist offices throughout the city. Travelers choose the date to activate the pass, by writing their name and start date on the back. From this date, the pass is active for two, four, or six days, depending on the pass you purchased. Instead of searching for individual Paris museum discounts, the museum pass allows visitors to skip the lines and visit the permanent collection of a variety of museums. Participating museums include the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Musee Picasso, and Musee Rodin.

When you arrive it will feel like free admission to Paris museums, since you paid for your pass beforehand. There is no discounts for students or senior citizens, but don’t worry, the price is already a great deal. The two-day pass costs 32 euros, the four-day pass costs 48 euros, and the six day pass costs 64 euros. These Paris museum discounts are significant considering the price of a single entry can range from eight to fifteen euros. The pass also extends to popular monuments beyond museums. Tours of Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, and Versailles are all included in the museum pass. Visitors can use the pass as frequently as they would like, and it is possible to visit more than one museum or site in the same day. At some museums the lines can be lengthy, so not only does the pass save money, but it also saves time as you enjoy some of the best works of art Paris has to offer.

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