Paris Rivers

Paris rivers are an essential element of the romance of the city. Just think how many movies have romantic scenes that are filmed on one of the many bridges over the Seine in Paris. At the core of the city is the Seine, where many visitors choose to embark on a Paris river tour. Dinner and sightseeing cruises are popular options, and they expose travelers to the beautiful architecture of Paris. Cruising Paris rivers has been a favorite activity in the city for hundreds of years, and the tradition continues today.


The Bievre River in Paris flows into the Seine in the Latin Quarter. Like many cities in Europe, a settlement developed around this dependable water source. Historically, the Bievre River was home to many mills and dye-makers. This abundance of industry led to pollution that persists through to the modern day. Despite this fact, Paris rivers are pleasant to look at and don’t show any obvious signs of its past. When you’re strolling across one of the 37 bridges across the Seine in Paris, you’ll only notice the beauty of the scene, which is so striking it inspired many famous painters, including Monet, Pissarro, and Matisse.

A Paris river tour can extend beyond the center of the city. The slow-flowing river is explored by river boats well outside of the center of Paris and offers beautiful views of the countryside. The Seine is almost 500 miles long, and it flows all the way from the mouth of the English Channel to Burgundy near the Swiss Alps. Some people think of the river as only having a presence in the city and not beyond, but the Seine continues far after the romantic bridges of Paris. As the second-longest river in France, after the Loire, the Seine plays an important role outside of Paris as well.

Seine River Paris
Seine River Paris

And yet, the Seine in Paris is best known for romance, bridges, and a new perspective on the main sights of the city. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral can all be seen from a Paris river tour. There is no better way to experience these landmarks than from the deck of a boat. Romantic lighting at night provides a different experience than the bright sunlight of day, and many visitors choose to cruise the Seine both by day and night. While Paris does have an efficient subway system, it is more scenic to travel through the city center on water.

Some of the best known locations in Paris have an affiliation with the river. The Left Bank, or Rive Gauche, refers to the left side of the Seine, and Pont Neuf is perhaps one of the most famous bridges in the world. Dating back to the early seventeenth century, this bridge is an iconic romantic landmark of Paris. Night after night, couples steal a kiss as they stroll across Pont Neuf, with the softly flowing Seine beneath them. While dinner and lunch tours can be expensive, it isn’t prohibitively expensive to take a tour of the Seine. Different tour companies operate at different starting points along the river, but all follow similar itineraries.

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