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Paris vacation packages might be the perfect solution if traveling to Paris has seemed out of your budget. What these trips lack in independence, they make up for in value, and especially if you’re visiting the City of Light for the first time, Paris travel deals are a great option. Some tourists hesitate to visit France because of the language barrier, but a tour group or vacation package may help to take some of this pressure off. Usually bringing together the price of airfare, transfers, accommodation, some meals, and some attractions, a vacation deal to Paris might just make your dreams of seeing the capital of France come true.

Vacation Packages to Paris
Vacation Packages to Paris

Paris holiday packages are designed to show visitors the highlights of this beautiful city. If you’ve been to Paris before and have visited the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame, then this type of tour may not be for you. For first-time visitors, this type of vacation deal to Paris is perfectly suited. The itinerary will give visitors a great overview of the layout of the city, and it will include the major highlights and attractions. From the Arc de Triomphe to strolling down Champs Elysees, you’ll return home with a working knowledge of Paris that will only make you want to return and explore more.

Adventurous travelers don’t have to stick to the itineraries of Paris vacation packages. Free time is always scheduled in, and during this time it is possible to take a bike tour of the city or a walking tour of a specific neighborhood, such as Montmartre or the Latin Quarter. Hop on a boat and cruise the Seine or use your Paris museum pass to explore the artistic wonders of the city. Not all Paris travel deals include a schedule, and these packages (which typically cover airfare, airport transfers, and accommodation) leave the rest of the decisions up to you. Lumping these main costs together will allow you to budget your trip accordingly and figure out just how much money you have left to spend on meals, tours, and extras.

Paris vacation packages can be found year-round, but prices will vary. During peak periods of travel, such as Christmas, New Year's, or summer, you can expect to see higher prices. If you are willing to travel in shoulder season or even off season, this is when the best Paris travel deals are found. The early spring, usually in April, when the city is just beginning to bloom is a spectacular time to explore Paris, and deals are usually still available for this time. Travel agents, web sites, and tour companies are all great sources of finding the perfect vacation package for you.

A vacation deal to Paris won’t include shopping, souvenirs, or spas, so when planning a trip to Paris, it is important to be realistic about your budget. Temptations abound in Paris, from bakeries in the morning to decadent three-course lunches to charming boutique shops. Vacation packages will help to make your trip as affordable as possible, so go ahead and splurge a little on something special. From cruises along the Seine under the moonlight to an evening at the opera or ballet, there are endless options for treating yourself in the City of Light.

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