Paris Vacation Rental

A Paris vacation rental is a great strategy towards planning a budget trip to the romantic capital of France. For many visitors, accommodation is the single most expensive element of their trip to Paris. While many hotels in the center of the city are worth the expense, and offer not only a great location but historic charm and amenities such as a gourmet breakfast and spa treatments, a Paris holiday villa also has its positive elements as well. Many travelers who choose to rent apartments in Paris find themselves in a residential neighborhood, with more space than they could have imagined in a hotel—and usually for a fraction of the price.

Paris Vacation Rentals
Paris Vacation Rentals

Paris villas can start off your trip on a budget note. Depending on the time of year you choose to visit, it is possible to secure a Paris vacation rental for a reasonable price. During the crowded summer months of July and August, many apartments will be booked very far in advance, so if you are traveling during this period it is wise to plan ahead. Christmas and New Years are also popular times to visit Paris, and the price of Paris villas may shoot up during these peak times. The good news for travelers is that it is possible to rent apartments in Paris during beautiful, less crowded times of year. April for example is a great time to visit Paris, as the weather of early spring is pleasant, the city is beginning to bloom, and deals can still be found.

Another tactic for traveling to Paris affordably is to book a vacation package. These types of deals combine airfare, accommodation, transfers, and even some meals and activities. If it is possible to secure a deal on the basics of your trip, either through a vacation package or renting an apartment, you will have extra money to spare on the pleasures Paris has to offer. From gourmet dinner cruises along the Seine to cycling tours through lesser-known districts of Paris, you’ll be glad you planned wisely to have extra money to enjoy these treats. Many visitors to Paris spend very little time in their hotel room or apartment, as the streets, restaurants, shops, and museums of the city are continuously tempting. While it is possible to splurge on accommodation, it isn’t necessary as the city is full of exciting things to do.

A Paris vacation rental is a great idea if you plan on spending any lengthy amount of time in the city. It would be difficult for anyone to continue to pay the rate of hotels for any length of time, and one benefit of Paris villas is the discount you receive with longevity. The price of many apartments drops significantly if you decide to stay for longer than a week, and during this time you’ll have the opportunity to use the kitchen, explore the gourmet shops in your new neighborhood, and feel like a real Parisian. Many people rent apartments in Paris with this intention. There are web sites and travel agencies are a great way for potential renters to connect with apartment owners. You can view pictures and read comments from people who have stayed in these apartments to help you make your choice. After your stay, be sure to leave your own comments to help your fellow travelers find their dream Parisian apartment.

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