When to Travel to Paris

When to travel to Paris is depends on what you wish to experience in this romantic and enchanting city. You have probably heard that Paris in the springtime is unlike any other time of the year, and although the spring is certainly a wonderful time to be in this cosmopolitan city in Western Europe, there are distinct advantages to being in Paris throughout the year. Some of the factors you will want to take into consideration include the weather, concentration of tourists in the areas you plan to visit, and special events or celebrations that may be taking place in Paris at the time.

When to Travel to Paris
When to Travel to Paris

Paris is the capital of France and the largest city in the country, with over 2 million residents within the city limits. It has been a center for culture, art, and economy in Europe for many hundreds of years, and continues to wield influence on a global scale in the areas of fashion, art, architecture, media, and more. There are more attractions in the way of museums, galleries, and historic landmarks than you are likely to be able to see on two vacations, so it is best to plot out your trip with something of a set itinerary in mind, if you wish to check some of the major tourist attractions off of your list. Other people think it is best to simply take the city as it comes, getting to know it naturally starting in the area where your accommodations happens to be located.

The climate in Paris offers a full seasonal spectrum, including cold temperatures and snowfall in the winter, and relatively warm and dry conditions during the summer. If you plan to travel during the spring when most tourists embark upon their first journeys to the city, you will want to book your reservations as far in advance as possible. The breathtaking spring scenery along the tree-lined streets of Paris means that tourists descend en masse upon this enchanted city, and you will pay for this in the form of your airline tickets and hotel accommodations. It is, however, a generally convivial time to be in the city. Locals are typically friendly; life has been breathed back into the countryside, and the flora of the city blossoms with full intensity. You can explore the many parks (such as the Tuileries or even the cemeteries like Pere Lachese) and romantic destinations when the city is at its most vibrant and beautiful.

Travel in France
Travel in France

The summer is also a fine time to travel to Paris. It is an interesting time, in that many locals head out of the city for vacations elsewhere, meaning that you will find many more foreign languages being spoken. The pace of the city is generally much slower and there are lots of free, outdoor events, concerts, and festivities. There is a chance for more precipitation, but this will hardly ruin your time here in the summer. But do be aware that many Europeans go on vacation during August—this means some storefronts may be closed and hours at some attractions may be more restricted.

The low travel season to Paris begins in the fall, and this is when you can begin to realize significant savings, taking advantage of vacation packages and other deals and discounts on travel and accommodations. As locals enter back into town, a certain energy seems to return, and many of the restaurants and shops that were closed, reopen. The winter, although cold and dark at times, offers many wonderful opportunities for holiday related celebrations. The city is gorgeous in the winter when the lights of Paris reflect off of the white snowy boulevards and historic buildings. You will enjoy this amazing global city no matter when you choose to travel.

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