When to go to Paris

All Paris seasons offer the romance, charm, history, and atmosphere that the city has become famous for. Whether you’re strolling across Pont Neuf snuggled in a winter coat or watching the flowers begin to bloom in early spring, there are arguments for visiting Paris in every season. Some travelers say that summer in Paris is the best time to go, while others think the city is too hot and crowded in July and August and prefer the peace of other seasons. When to go to Paris depends on your personal preferences, but the best way to find out is to go during different seasons, and choose your own favorite time of year to visit the City of Light.

When to go to Paris
When to go to Paris

If you’re planning a trip to Paris on a budget, the time of year you travel is important. The summer in Paris tends to be crowded, and hotels may have their highest prices of the year at this time. Renting an apartment is a great alternative to expensive hotels, but during the summer months they will be booked very far in advance. The Christmas and New Year's holiday season is also a very popular time for a trip to Paris, and prices will match the demand. At the same time, this period of the winter is a magical time to spend here, as the decorations are tasteful and highlight the spectacular historical architecture of the city.

Best Time to Visit Paris
Best Time to Visit Paris

Budget travelers thinking about when to go to Paris may want to consider the shoulder season. If you aren’t ready to brave the cold months of January and February, maybe March and April will be more attractive. Especially by April, spring has begun to bloom and days reach warmer, more comfortable temperatures. A very pleasant time to visit and lunch at an outdoor brasserie, springtime still isn’t as popular as summer in Paris, and prices are more reasonable, even at some of the best luxury hotels in the city. During the shoulder season, it is possible to stay at a city center hotel for a much lower cost than in the summer.

After the bustle of July and August, the shoulder season returns in September and October. For many travelers who have debated over when to go to Paris, this time in autumn is the winner. With the leaves changing colors, brisk evenings, and excuses to cuddle up in a warm café, the atmosphere of Paris in autumn is something special. The high prices at hotels seen in the summer will return to more normal rates, and some visitors say that the service and friendliness of locals returns as well. With the height of the tourist season in the past, restaurants are less crowded, and more one-on-one attention is felt in shops, cafés, and tourist offices.

Whenever you plan your trip to Paris, there are certain highlights you shouldn’t miss. The heart of the city is the River Seine, and whether you take some time to stroll across its bridges or hop aboard a boat for a river cruise, it is essential to see the many faces of the river. Museums are a central part of the Parisian experience, and a museum pass can help you to see many different museums affordably. If you’re interested in the history of Paris, there are walking and bike tours that can illuminate the history and architecture of the city. However you spend your time, you will surely be tempted to return again to experience the city from a different perspective.

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