Perpignan Beaches

Discovered in the tenth century, Perpignan beaches and the surrounding area have been since utilized as a hub for farming, distilling, and manufacturing. The beaches in Perpignan France, capital of Roussillon, are often visited by tourists on route to Spain, which shares a border with the France, and people from around the world flying into the nearby airport. The airport is an especially convenient and affordable trip from the United Kingdom, where a concentrated number of tourists arrive from in the summer. Highly influenced by Spanish roots throughout its history, Perpignan features plenty of beautiful Spanish architecture. It is a vibrant and historical city and offers much to do on the beaches of Perpignan France.

The most treasured of all beaches in Perpignan France, and one of the finest in the country, is Canet Plage. Situated on the verdant Catalan coast, this beach bares numerous irresistible qualities. Canet Plage is one of the most popular France resorts populated mostly by people staying or living in the nearby urban area. The waterfront promenade is the area's most prominent feature and the focus of all things lively. It is filled with food stalls, street vendors, bars, and clubs perfect for coastal nightlife.

At Canet Plage there is also a yachting harbor and a water sport equipment facility accommodating divers, sailors, jet and water skiers, and windsurfers. There are plenty of additional things to do spread across the board including swimming, tennis, cycling, and horseback riding. The Sea World Aquarium at Canet Plage presents more than 300 species of sea mammals and fish from five different continents. Canet Plage is one of the most well equipped of all Perpignan beaches with ample attractions and activities for all.

Other popular beaches in Perpignan France include Cap d'Agde, a manmade resort and the country's largest natural beach. The entire stretch of coastline here is immaculate and impressively large. The coastline at Cap d'Agde meanders down to La Grand Motte a little past Montpellier and further toward Argeles. Note there is little protection from the elements here and temperatures reach scorching numbers. One of the benefits of a visit to this area, and almost all of the Perpignan beaches, is the absorbing view of the snow-capped Pyrenees Mountains.

Leucate Plage is another favorite among beach-lovers and a close second to Canet Plage. It is one of more than forty stunning Languedoc beaches to choose from when visiting. Set north of Perpignan, this beach spans almost a half mile with its finest component being fine, gold-hued sand, and calm surf. The shoreline dips gently into the ocean making it one of the safest and popular beaches in Perpignan France. Languedoc essentially occupies more than half of the Mediterranean coast in France, meaning an ideal area for French vacations. Bike tours along the coast are an excellent way to explore the curious regional ins and outs. In fact, Barcelona is only a two hour drive, creating an exciting day-trip opportunity.

Gruisson is another of the notable Perpignan beaches. It is a well-known resort and seaside town featuring an old ruin atop of the hill behind the settlement. The beaches of St Pierre stretch as far as Gruisson and are essentially the continuum of the beaches here. Wide and flat are two dominating beach characteristics. There is a sailing port next to the beach renting wind surfers. Far enough away from the unimpressive backdrop of Narbonne, Gruisson is a good choice for a leisurely retreat.

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