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Every St Tropez beach is wildly popular and extremely beautiful with no exceptions. The beaches line the southern region of France, in a distinct shoe-shaped inlet off the Mediterranean coast. The beaches of St Tropez became famous after the debut of Bridget Bardot's enchanting character in And God Created Women. An eclectic vibe paired with a casual feel combines fantastically with the thousands of sailboats and yachts impossible to ignore. Part of a string of south of France beaches, St Tropez is as beautiful as it is exciting, relaxing, and fascinating. It's very much these qualities that keep the crowds coming back.

South of France beaches like Plage de Tahiti draw in the hip, famous, and rich crowds by the dozens. Simply making an appearance on these beaches of St Tropez is a quiet claim to being a definite "somebody" who swings with the "in" crowd. Bordered by seemingly endless trendy restaurants and cafes, food and dining is on the forefront of this beach scene. World-famous chefs design and create sumptuous international dishes and leading French cuisine each and every day. The golden stretch of beach at Plage de Tahiti is about as illustrious as the people on it. Notable as one of the nude and topless France beaches, avoid Plage Tahiti if nudity offends you in the least. In France, nude beaches are just another average, everyday part of life.

Another of the wonderful Riviera beaches is Pampelonne. Plage de Pampelonne is an extremely trendy St Tropez beach. White sand and a coastline often overflowing with bodies is what you'll see upon arrival. Sunbathers are particular to Pampelonne because of the extremely wide stretch of sand and great weather. An abundance of cafes equates to a hot social spot ideal for languid days at the beach visiting friends, and basically just enjoying life. The three short miles between the heart of St Tropez and this beach means urbanites often head here in the weekend for some respite from the city. If you're trying to figure out when to go, remember the weekends in the summer can be almost unbearably claustrophobic.

Graniers is likely the most popular of all beaches in St Tropez. The most renowned of all south of France beaches even. This beach is frequented by friendly sunbathers, a characteristic not often said about many of the higher-class beaches around the city. Situated underneath the St Tropez citadel, Plages des Graniers is easily reached from most anywhere throughout the city. This beautiful French Riviera beach offers a family-friendly environment and a safe surf perfect for younger children and novice swimmers. There are also a few different playgrounds beach-side to choose between. As with all popular beaches in St Tropez, it's advisable to arrive as early as possible during the summertime weekends for an ideal spot. There are plenty of excellent France hotels nearby to choose from during a sojourn in St Tropez, many only minutes from the best beaches.

Beaches in Nice
Beaches in Nice

Whether you enjoy the area while staying at a stylish St Tropez beach rental, one of the many France beach hotels, or one of the finely managed resorts, you'll not be disappointed. Charming cobblestone roads lead the way onward to a host of stylish boutiques, hotels, galleries, and wonderful food and dining. Excellent nightlife and shopping are great things to do when off your favorite St Tropez beach. From the many south of France beaches there are terrific views of the bordering mountains and the Mediterranean, adding to the magnetic atmosphere of one of France'‘s most well-loved cities. And right up the coast, within an hour or two, you can also find Cannes and the beautiful city of Nice (pictured, left).

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