Suggested Itineraries Paris

When it comes to putting together suggested itineraries Paris, it can be difficult to narrow down the most vital attractions. France is home to some of the world’s oldest and finest wineries, gorgeous cities such as Paris, and layers of culture that show themselves down just about every street. While a person could spend many months exploring France and still discover new delights, the suggested itineraries Paris shown below will help travelers with less time on their hands decide what to see.

Suggested itineraries Paris:

1-3 Days

With only a day or two to spend in France, you will want to fly into Paris. In the city, you can spend one day or two touring sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. You can also spend time at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, where you can enjoy food, libations, and entertainment. A walking tour of Paris may take more then one afternoon, but you can try to include the Pantheon, a trip to the Seine River, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre Museum. You will also have time for a bit of shopping in a city that sets the standard for fashion for much of the world.

4-7 Days

Paris suggested itineraries for those who have a few days can include a little more. In addition to touring Paris, you can also take a trip to nearby Versailles for a tour of the palace. Disneyland Paris can be a great activity for families looking to spend an afternoon at a theme park without have to travel too far, or a side trip to Strasbourg for the day can be a nice change, as well. If you do have a number of days, Paris Itineraries should be split between touring the big cities and seeing some of the beauty of the countryside. You might choose to travel along the French Riviera stopping at towns like Nice, St. Tropez and Cannes along the way, or simply schedule time at a quant French hotel in the country to see the quiet side of France.

7+ Days

If you have a week or more to plan itineraries for travel in France, you will have time to truly experience this incredible country. In addition to spending multiple days in Paris touring the historical sights, you will want to spend time in the country. The French Alps offer towering views, and spending a night in the mountains can be a treat. Another popular way to see the beauty of France is through a wine tour of the country. While many of the smallest and most exclusive wineries do not offer access to their wineries to the general public, there are a number of great wineries that do. Taking a tour of the countryside while stopping along the way for sips from the vine can be the perfect way to combine travel and culture.

Suggested itineraries Paris can take many different forms, depending on your desired length of travel and the sort of sights you would most like to see. Many travelers find themselves coming back to France again and again and planning Paris itineraries that continue to expand with every vacation. No matter how you decide to organize your France itineraries or how many times you travel to the country, the thousands of tourists viewing France each year are rarely, if ever, disappointed in what they find.

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