Toulouse France

Toulouse is a city located in the southwest portion of France near the borders of Italy and Spain. It is a little over 360 miles south of Paris, approximately 150 miles west of Marseille, and less than 100 miles north of the border of Spain. The city is situated on the banks of the River Garonne and is roughly equidistant from the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Toulouse France comprises the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, behind Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. Toulouse is widely renowned for its arts and culture, business and academics, and wide variety of stunning brick architecture, from which it derives the name Ville Rose or Pink City.

Just as is the case with many other popular tourist destinations in Western Europe, Toulouse France features all manners of historic landmarks, buildings, and attractions. These include museums, bridges, and basilicas. Boat tours along the Canal du Midi or walking tours of the enchanted city are great ways to explore. The Pont Neuf, Saint-Pierre Bridge, the Bazacle, and the Saint-Sernin Basilica are just a few of the main sights that should top your list if you are setting out to explore the city. There are also many places to go on day trips from this city. These include the nearby Airbus factory as well as the historic city of Carcassonne.

The cuisine is another important aspect of what makes Toulouse special and unique. French cuisine is broad and excellent for foodies and gourmets alike. Visitors of this city will not only enjoy a variety of foreign restaurants because of the immigrant population in Toulouse, but also many traditional and contemporary French restaurants that cook up the most delectable dishes indigenous to this part of the country. Just a few of the favorite dishes in Toulosue include cassoulet, foie gras, saucisse de Toulousee, and all kinds of dried sausages. Ham, poultry, haricot beans, cheese, and artisan breads make their way onto many a fine menu in the city as well.

There are also many opportunities to enjoy shopping in the city of Toulouse, whether you are looking for high-end designer fashion goods or local arts and crafts. There are fine boutiques, markets, and all manner of galleries where you can buy works of art by local artists.

One of the great appeals for tourists visiting the city of Toulouse is the favorable weather. Even though it is classified as Oceanic, the climate shares many traits in common with the Mediterranean destinations nearby. It has more precipitation than climates specifically classified as Mediterranean but offers temperatures that make possible many outdoor activities year round. Even in the coldest winter months, low temperatures rarely breach the low 50s and the summer months range comfortably into the low 80s. The summer is also the dry season, although this is relative, as there is no real dry or wet season in the region.

The entire city is replete with stunning architecture, much of which dates back hundreds of years. Treasures lie around every corner in the way of stunning buildings, charming restaurants, and convivial cafes. This is one city in southwest France where you will find no shortage of appealing things to do and see.

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