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Toulouse restaurants are some of the most alluring attractions of this city and region in southwest France. Toulouse is widely considered the seat of Occitan-speaking France and offers a distinctive array of cultural and historic places for its visitors. In regard to dining in Toulouse France, it is too often the case that French cuisine is lumped into one overarching category, which does not at all do justice to the broad diversity of traditional gastronomic creations unique to distinct regions. Toulouse offers its own take on French cuisine, influenced by the agriculture of the land and the proximity to other countries such as Spain and Italy.

The city of Toulouse France sits on the banks of the River Garonne and is often referred to as the Ville Rose (or Pink City) because of its extensive brick architecture. Many of the finest restaurants, bistros, and cafés are tucked into these buildings alongside a bounty of galleries, museums, and boutiques. Toulouse is known for a variety of traditional dishes and food items including foie gras (liver of duck), cassoulet (slow-cooked haricot bean stew featuring meat, ususally sausage in Toulouse), and a wide array of hams and sausages, most notable and prized of which is the saucisse de Toulouse. White corn is planted in abundance in this region, as well as in neighboring Aveyron and Quercy, much of which is used to feed geese and ducks for the highly sought-after fois gras. Duck confit (a specialty in France that features leg of duck preserved with salt then cooked in its own fat), truffles, and fine poultry also make their way onto many menus in the most traditional Toulouse restaurants.

Guests of the city will have the opportunity to explore the best of dining in Toulouse at both traditional restaurants, as well as modern bistros, all of which offer dishes indigenous to the area. You will be best served to try both kinds of establishments. At the traditional restaurants, you will find all manner of cassoulets, which feature the ubiquitous haricot beans, and the aforementioned sausages, hams, fine bread and cheeses. Some restaurants are located well off of the beaten path, on farms and in little haunts outside the city proper. The contemporary restaurants tend to offer a modern take on traditional dishes, fusing centuries-old recipes with brand new gastronomic conventions. Although you can expect to get a true taste of the region, including the best wines, these places may occupy more lavish places with views of the city and the river. Toulouse is a cosmopolitan city that offers a little bit of something for everyone.

The close proximity of Toulouse to Spain and France is only one reason why Toulouse also offers a wealth of foreign restaurants. You will find everything from Asian barbecues to Mediterranean and Italian restaurants. There is a true diversity of gastronomic delights for those people traveling to this portion of southwest France. Cheese is a huge part of many dishes in this region. You will find myriad varieties including Cabecou, Roquefort, and many more.

The wines in the region include Cotes du Languedoc, Banyuls, Corbieres, and Minervois. The region mostly produces red wines and several varietals of sweet ports. One thing is sure when you are traveling in Toulouse, France—there is no shortage of savory dishes to eat or wonderful places to enjoy them.

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