Toulouse Museums

The Toulouse museums provide cultural enthusiasts with some excellent places to explore while in town. Art and history are largely the focus when it comes to the city's top museums, and a variety of cultures are highlighted. Everything from artifacts from Egyptian and Far East cultures to Venetian sculptures are on display in this city.

The Fondation Bemberg opened in 1995, and it didn't take long for the museum to start attracting attention. Found along the rue de Metz at Place d'Assezat, this cultural institution boasts an extensive collection of European Art, with highlights including Pierre Bonnard's Moulin Rouge and Matisse's Vue d'Antibes . Only adding to the allure is the building that houses the collection. It is known as the Hotel d'Assezat and was founded in 1555. Interesting is the fact that the majority of the Fondation Bemberg collection was amassed by one single man. That man was Georges Bemberg.

Other Toulouse museums that art enthusiasts won't want to overlook while in town are the Musee des Augustins and Les Abattoirs. The Musee des Augustins occupies a former monastery that was built in the 1300s, and it has been a museum ever since 1793. Various sculptures and carvings figure among the highlights of this museum's collection, and the numerous paintings that are on display were created by such reputable artists as Toulouse-Latrec and Delacroix. When Musee des Augustins visitors aren't checking out the artwork, they can admire the building that houses them. Among other things, the historic edifice features some of the world's most prized Romanesque capitals. The Musee des Augustins is located at 21 rue de Metz, and this puts it within very close proximity of the St Etienne Cathedral.

As for the Les Abattoirs Museum, it specializes in modern and contemporary art and can be found at 76 allees Charles de Fitte. More than 2,000 works are on display at this former slaughterhouse, and they include a prized theater curtain by Pablo Picasso. Some of the exhibits at Les Abattoirs are changing exhibits, and the restored complex is known to host cultural events with relative regularity. The location of the Les Abattoirs Museum puts it on the left bank of the Garonne River. Visitors coming from the heart of Toulouse might opt to use the historic Pont Neuf in order to cross the river. They might also hop on the metro and take it to the Saint-Cyprien-Republique metro stop, as it is close to the museum.

When cultural enthusiasts aren't enjoying these Toulouse museums, they might wander over to some of the city's other top cultural institutions. Among these institutions are the Musee Saint Raymond and the Musee Georges Labit. The Musee Saint Raymond puts the focus on the archaeology of ancient times and the Middle Ages, and the renowned collection is housed in a historic building that can be found next to the St Sernin Basilica. At the Musee Georges Labit, located at 17 rue du Japon, visitors can immerse themselves in a fine collection of Egyptian and Far East art. It's the largest French collection of its kind that isn't found in the capital city of Paris.

Rounding out the list of top Toulouse museums are the Toulouse Museum and the Old Toulouse Museum. The Toulouse Museum is found at 35 allees Jules-Guesde and offers exhibits that relate to natural history. The Old Toulouse Museum, on the other hand, is situated at 7 rue du May and specializes in the history of Toulouse.

Toulouse museums can be accessed at a discounted price for those who choose to get a Toulouse en Liberte city pass. These city pass cards are good for up to a year and allow the holder to enjoy reduced prices at many top attractions, including the Jacobin Convent and the City of Space.

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Toulouse Museums


The Toulouse museums provide cultural enthusiasts with some excellent places...

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