Pont Neuf Toulouse

Pont Neuf Toulouse is the name of a renowned bridge that spans the Garonne River. Built over the course of several decades, it was finished in 1632 and links Toulouse's Old Quarter with the Place St-Cyprien. Among the bridge's main features are a series of arches that lend to its visual appeal, and anyone who is looking for things to do in Toulouse is encouraged to consider a stroll across the historic structure with wonderful views of the city.

Work on the Pont Neuf Toulouse began in 1544. It actually wasn't until 1614 that the first Pont Neuf arch was finished. By 1632, all seven arches were completed, and the bridge was officially inaugurated in 1659. Pont Neuf's name, interestingly enough, translates to "New Bridge" in English.

Looking at Pont Neuf, visitors are likely to notice that the seven arches of this historic Toulouse bridge are not symmetrical. Also easy to recognize is the fact that each arch is rimmed with light-colored stone, as is true of the circular niches that are found on each of the piers. This contrasts well with the reddish color of the bridge's bricks. At night, the structure is floodlit from below, and often different colored lights are used to achieve a specific effect.

The Pont Neuf in Toulouse meets the Rue de Metz on its eastern side. Found along this street is one of the best Toulouse museums, the Musee des Augustines. Not far from this museum is the St Etienne Cathedral, which is also not to be missed while in town, and it doesn't take very long to get to any other number of interesting attractions while exploring the general downtown area.

The Pont Neuf Toulouse isn't the only interesting bridge in France that spans the Garonne River. Another example is the Pont de Pierre in Bordeaux. Built between the years of 1819 and 1822, this stone bridge was originally supposed to be built at an earlier time, and it should be noted that Napoleon I ordered its construction. Medallions that honor the famous emperor can be found on its sides, as can Bordeaux's coat of arms.

One of the other interesting Garonne River bridges is the canal bridge in the commune of Agen. This bridge was completed in 1839 and helps to form the famed Canal des Deux Mers. The larger Canal des Deux Mers, on the other hand, is a waterway that joins the Atlantic Ocean on France's western side to the Mediterranean Sea in the southeast. The Canal du Midi is a major component of the Canal des Deux Mers, and it serves as one of the top Toulouse attractions. Visitors to the city can arrange fun boat tours on the waterway, and it's even possible to stay on a river barge hotel.

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