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Toulouse rugby is popular and offers visitors and residents alike something awesome to do. In fact, the city's main team, Stade Toulousain, is considered to be one of Europe's top rugby union clubs. They have won the highly coveted Heineken Cup on multiple occasions. The Heineken Cup, for those who might not know, sees six different European countries bearing representatives and is considered to be one of rugby's top prizes. Toulouse has a second rugby team as well called Toulouse Olympique.

Rugby is one of the world’s most popular sports, and the residents of Toulouse have quite a love affair with it. Stade Toulousain has a strong following, not to mention a rich history. This French rugby union club was established in 1907 and has done well on more than one occasion. In addition to four Heineken Cup titles, it can claim a couple of Heineken Cup second place finishes. Also noteworthy are the eighteen French Championship titles that the club holds. It's the most of any French rugby union club. The last Heineken Cup trophy that Stade Toulousain won was in 2010. They narrowly defeated Biarritz Olympique as the famed Stade de France in Paris.

The renovated Stade Ernest-Wallon is where Stade Toulousain play their home games. It can accommodate up to 19,500 people and is found on the northwest side out towards the Toulouse Blagnac Airport. In the event that the team is has a big time match that will bring in an increased amount of fans, the larger Stadium Municipal is often used. This stadium can accommodate 38,000 people.

Toulouse Olympique is the name of Toulouse's other main rugby team. Founded in 1937, it competes in the Co-operative Championship, which is the second tier league of Europe. The first tier is known as the Super League. While not as accomplished as Stade Toulousain, Toulouse Olympique has still been decorated. They have been the champions of France four times over and runners-up on five occasions. The Stade des Minines is the home stadium for Toulouse Olympique. Also known as Arnaune Stadium, it can hold around 9,500 people.

When Toulouse visitors aren't taking in a rugby match, they should have little trouble keeping busy. A trip to the Airbus Factory near the airport is something that many tourists look to add to the agenda, and historic sites such as the St Etienne Cathedral can fill down time with ease. Perhaps multi-sport-loving rugby fans will try to take in a soccer (football) match on the side while in town. The city is home to the Toulouse Football Club, which has jumped between France's first and second tier leagues during its history.

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