Things to do in Toulouse

Things to do in Toulouse range from exploring the many historic and cultural landmarks and attractions to dining taking part in a host of outdoor recreational activities. Toulouse is a cosmopolitan city in the southwest of France with distinctive cultural charm. This is evidenced in the gastronomy, art, architecture, and design in the city.

Things to do in December, January, and February

Tours of the city are some of the most popular Toulouse attractions due in large part to the fact that the city is steeped in so much culture and history—and these can be great activities in chillier months (warmer month too, of course). Major attractions popular on tours , or that offer tours within their walls or on their waters, include the formidable, sixteenth-century Pont Neuf bridge, the Canal du Midi , the Place du Capitole, and Cite de l'Espace. These tours can be especially inviting during the holiday season when the Place du Capitole is lit up and quite grand. There are also a range of festivities during the winter in Toulouse, including the Zoom Arriere, a celebration of the cinematic heritage of France, as well as the International Violet Meeting (both of which take place in February.

Things to do in March, April, and May

Although the weather is accommodating for the majority of the year in Toulouse, these months see spring infused back into the air and a wonderful sense of rebirth in the city—a great time to get out by foot and enjoy the scenic city. This is also a great time for tours and ducking into local shops. In fact, shopping is one of the most popular things to do in Toulouse for both residents and visitors. People tend to be out in numbers to enjoy the wonderful weather, and there are many high-end, designer clothing boutiques, flea markets, jewelry, and craft shops to explore. The Centre Commercial St-Georges, Rue d’Alsace-Lorraine, and the Rue d’Arts are just three of the places in town that are notorious for bountiful shopping. This is also an awesome time to walk the historic downtown area of Toulouse. Popular events in these months include the Toulouse International Fair (at the Parc de Expositions de Toulouse) in March, the Festival Flamenco in April, and a massive cycling event called the Fetes des Berges et du Velo in May.

Things to do in June, July, and August

These are the hottest months of the year in Toulouse, but high temperatures rarely peak out above the low 80s. There are a host of activities to enjoy during this time of the year in Toulouse, including golf, cycling, and tennis. The dining scene is in full gear for the many eager tourists of the city and wine, fine cheese, and artisan bread may also be found in great abundance. There are traditional restaurants as well as wonderful, contemporary bistros and cafes. You will also discover some great festivities and events during this time of the year, such as the alluring Toulouse d'Ete, at which some 400 musicians play against the enchanting backdrop of the city's historic buildings.

Things to do in September, October, and November

This is a wonderful time to enjoy the city without as much tourist traffic. The weather is generally accommodating and you will have access to all of the city's restaurants, galleries, museums , and bistros without having to wait in line. Accommodations are affordable and there are many fun events going on. You can catch a rugby game, explore wine country by day, and have fun at local clubs and bars at night. The Piano aux Jacobins Festival takes place in September and features some of the world's finest pianists performing in an ancient monastery. The Festival Occitania is a highly anticipated event in October that brings together many talented artists who put on a cultural program that includes art, poetry, photography, cinema, and much more. The Toulouse Antiques Fair is perhaps the most popular event in the month of November.

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