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Toulouse tours can add extra dimension and enjoyment to vacations to this French city. Numerous hotels in and around town can help guests arrange fun tours, and anyone needing assistance might also turn to the local tourism office. This office is housed in the Donjon du Capitole, which in turn is located in the Square de Gaulle.

As long as you are armed with a good map and know which attractions you wish to hit, a self-guided tour of Toulouse can prove to be very rewarding. When your feet get tired, the city's convenient metro system provides an excellent means of transportation. The Capitole stop is among the main stops that tourists might rely upon when doing some sightseeing around the city center. Others include Esquirole and Jean Jaures.

Guided Toulouse sightseeing tours can also be extremely rewarding. Among the main perks of a guided tour is the fact that you will have a guide to provide insight into the various attractions that are highlighted. Among the most commonly highlighted attractions on guided Toulouse sightseeing tours are the Capitole, the St Sernin Basilica, and the historic Pont Neuf. Many sightseeing tours employ a coach for getting around, and there are plenty of options for walking tours as well. Some of the Toulouse walking tours take place at night and allow guests to see the city's top monuments in their full evening illumination.

The Toulouse sightseeing tours can be general tours that highlight a variety of attractions or more specific tours that revolve around a certain theme. An example of a theme tour is one that highlights the Cathedral district. Most of the time is spent exploring the relatively quirky St Etienne Cathedral. In the same realm of theme tours are the Toulouse museum tours. The city boasts several excellent museums that can keep cultural enthusiasts busy for a couple of hours with ease, and there are local tour companies that highlight them.

Throughout most of the year, taking a boat tour on the historic Canal du Midi is a possibility. This canal that links Toulouse to the Mediterranean coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back to the 1600s, which is reason enough to book a tour. It only gets better when you consider the canal's rather languid current, the possible stops that can be made along the way, and the fact that boat tours can be guided or unguided. The current allows for relaxed cruising, and while a trip all the way to the coast might not be in the cards, the fortress city of Carcassonne doesn't take very long to reach by way of boat from Toulouse.

Taking a tour of the local Airbus Factory is just one more option when it comes to Toulouse tours, and families with kids might consider taking a guided tour of the City of Space. Perhaps a tour of the Notre-Dame La Daurade will fit nicely on the agenda. It doesn't cost anything to step inside, and the central location means that it is easy to pair with other enticing attractions. There's a tour to fit virtually every taste and preference in Toulouse, and visitors will do well to explore as many options as possible.

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