Toulouse Villas

Toulouse villas are what many travelers have in mind when visiting southern France. This has to do with the self-catering aspect that villas have to offer and the fact that they are verifiable homes away from home. Toulouse is a city that is full of great attractions, and the region in general offers numerous options for things to do.

When searching for Toulouse villa rentals, travelers are likely to notice straight away that there aren't any villas in the city center. In fact, the immediate Toulouse area isn't exactly brimming with villa rentals. At the same time, there are some options for those who wish to be close to in-town attractions such as the Bazacle Dam and the St Sernin Cathedral. At least one villa rental is only some five miles from the heart of town, and when its guests aren't sightseeing in the city, they can stay busy any number of ways at the home itself. Typical villa amenities include full kitchens, TVs, DVD players, Internet access, barbecue grills, and indoor and outdoor pools.

Since the Toulouse villa rentals are limited in number, those who are interested in such accommodations might look to expand their horizons. The general region is home to a variety of villa rental properties, and most enjoy a very relaxed countryside setting that can be utterly intoxicating. It might take an hour or more to get to Toulouse, but the city will be within relatively easy reach and can more than justify a few side trips. Back at the villa, a variety of amenities help to make for a fun and convenient stay. If Toulouse villas with a pool are the main aim, there are several villa rentals in southern France that have their own pools and are within an hour or two of the city.

Many the villa rentals that are found in the general Toulouse region are in or close to charming villages such as Tarabel, so guests won't be too far removed from things such as shops and restaurants. As for getting to Toulouse, buses and trains can often be relied upon. Due to the fact that most of the regional villa rentals are out in the country, renting a car is an idea that prospective villa guests might also entertain when it comes to transportation. It might even be a necessity.

Any and all travelers who wish to visit the Toulouse region are encouraged to give the regional villa rentals a look. There are some very tantalizing properties that can simply make for some splendid travel bases. Also, the options for things to do during a stay at one of these rental properties aren't limited to visiting the closest village and taking sightseeing tours in Toulouse. Tennis courts and golf courses are within close proximity of many a regional villa rental, and it usually doesn't take long to get to a good walking path or hiking trail. In the winter, a skiing or snowboarding side trip might be in the cards. The Pyrenees Mountains to the south of Toulouse are home to a number of high quality ski stations.

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