Toulouse Weather

The weather in Toulouse France is generally temperate throughout the year. Its climate is classified as Oceanic under the widely used Koppen classificiation system. The city is located right at the junction of the Mediterranean zone, but its precipitation (which is fairly uniform throughout the year) keeps the city from falling into the classification of Mediterranean. Toulouse’s position in southwest France makes it an alluring destination for travelers year round.

Spring in Toulouse

The spring season in Toulouse is very pleasant as go temperatures, with average highs in the 60s and average lows rarely breaching the 40s from March to May. This is the heaviest time for rain in the city, but do not expect to get drowned out. The rain is uniform throughout the year, and if anything, the city gets a few more inches at the vegetation begins to flourish once again. By the end of May, high temperatures average 68 degrees.

Summer in Toulouse

A favorite time for travel to Toulouse France, the summer provides warm days and cool evenings that allow for endless fun outdoors, whether sitting on a patio enjoying a glass of wine or exploring wine country. The hottest months of the year in Toulouse are July and August, and both months have average high temperatures that range in the low 80s. It is very unusual to experience 90-degree temperatures in Toulouse. The average high temperature in August, for example, is less than 82 degrees. The one caveat is that it is very humid during this time of the year in Toulouse.

Fall in Toulouse

The fall is a great time of the year for people to explore the city of Toulouse, as it is not overrun with tourists and you can still enjoy the temperate weather and accommodating conditions. September still hangs onto some warm temperatures with highs reaching into the high 70s. What is great about this time of year is that, while it can be 75 to 80 degrees during the day, the evenings cool down to the low 50s. If you are traveling during this time of year, you will want to bring clothing appropriate for both hot days and cool evenings.

Winter in Toulouse

Winter is also a fine time to travel in Toulouse. There is a certain charm in seeing all of the pink, brick buildings laden with snow, when there is snow. The average low temperatures between the month of November and February do not reach the freezing mark, so it is never a guarantee that there will be snowfall. There are some beautiful holiday festivities during this time, especially centered around the Place du Capitole. High temperatures are in the low 50s and the average lows are generally in the mid 30s.

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