French Alps Villages

French Alps villages are about as ideal as mountain villages get. For starters, they are set against stunning backdrops that impress regardless of the season. It isn’t all about the scenery, however. The villages in the French Alps provide access to any number of rewarding activities, including skiing in the winter and trekking during the warmer months.

Bonneval-sur-Arc  Image: Bonneval Office de Tourisme

The French Alps are perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and are home to any number of villages that can make for excellent travel bases. Among the most beautiful of the French Alps villages is Bonneval-sur-Arc. Found in the mountainous Savoie department, Bonneval-sur-Arc is well-preserved and features a medieval area with small stone houses. The village also has a snow and mountain center and a small, yet reputable ski resort.

Saint-Veran  Image: Georges Hermitte / Saint Veran Office de Tourisme

La Grave and Saint-Veran are two more French Alps villages that can be a joy to visit. La Grave calls the Haute-Romanche department home and boasts traditional shops to go with its volcanic rock streets and famous ski resort. As for Saint-Veran, it rests at an altitude of 2042 meters (6,700 feet) and is the highest inhabited village in Europe. A tiny village, Saint-Veran is dedicated to preserving its history and traditional ways of life. Highlights around Saint-Veran include a 17th century church and a museum that focuses on the history of the village.

Most, if not all, of the French Alps villages offer proximity to ski slopes. A perfect example of this would be the five different villages in Courchevel. One of Europe’s most exclusive ski resorts, Courchevel is part of the larger 3 Valleys Ski Area, which boasts numerous other ski resorts and villages.

If you need even more recommendations for French Alps villages, there’s Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval with its abundant outdoor activity options, the famous cycling Mecca that is Alpe d’Huez, or the medieval village of Yvoire on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva. Since the French Alps cover such an extensive area and feature so many delightful villages, however, you won’t want to limit yourself to these destinations when trying to find your ideal destination in the French highlands.



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