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When to go to France depends on many factors. The best time for a relaxing vacation is in the off-season. Don't go in July and August--school's out. Oh, and they're out again at the end of October. That"s a bad time. Don't go for Christmas; they get two weeks off then, in addition to two weeks in February, and again in April. So any time, not those times, are fine.

During these times, travel in France is at its peak. Expect higher prices, more crowded hotels, and longer queues. Good times to visit France include June and September. The weather's more pleasant than the heat of summer, the French should be working, and everything is still open and geared up for tourists. As the Rivera is scorching in the summer, hit it a little early in March, or a little late in October. In addition, you"ll avoid the peak crowds.

Above all, when to go to France is subjective. If you like the sun, and don't mind seeing Notre Dame with hundreds of other gawkers, then summer would be your best bet on a France vacation. You can always take a wine break at a sidewalk cafe if it all becomes too much. If you"d rather see the quiet, sleepy side of the Cote d'Azur, hit it up in mid November, and stroll the beach without having to dodge the topless sunbathers. It"s France. There"s really no wrong time to go.

Finding cheap airfare to France can be a real challenge. Flights around holidays are pricey, as are flights in the summer, during peak travel times. If you have the option, some of the best deals are from September to May. Another excellent tactic to procure cheap airfare to France is to fly direct from an international hub. Often there are great deals for direct flights from New York, London, or Rome. Of course, then you have to get to New York. Look for an airline that frequents New York from your hub. They might have more flights, and thus better prices in the States, than an international carrier such as British Airways.

When in Europe, Ryan Air offers some of the cheapest flights around the continent. British Airways is another top choice while in Europe, or a major hub off continent. Check the web and popular travel sights to find good deals on flights to France. A travel agent is also a good choice because they have a wide network of deals available to them. In addition, don"t forget to play the student card if you're attending. In general, the more flexible you are, the great chance you have of finding cheap airfare to France.

If you're going through a travel agent they can help you book France vacation packages. Savvy travelers can research the individual components of their holiday, and book them themselves for the best rates. At times, the price of a package cannot be beat, and the internet is one of the best ways to research and find France vacation packages. Try a search for "France vacation package" or "cheap airfare to France." Consider carefully when to go to France, and make your reservations well ahead of time, especially during peak season.

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