Airlines to Germany

With the third largest economy in the world, there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking airline tickets to Germany. Located in the heart of Western Europe, Germany is a popular destination for many airlines. You"ll have plenty of airports to choose from located across the country, including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin with two different airports, and others.

Both full fair and cheap flights are available, depending on when you book them and where you want to arrive and depart. When you"re choosing your airline tickets to Germany you"ll want to plan what mode of transportation you"ll use to get around the countryside. Many airports are serviced by bus lines and a few—Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne-Bonn—have high-speed trains as an option as well. These trains drastically cut down travel time, with Frankfurt to Cologne only taking an hour (as opposed to two and a half hours).

When picking your flight to Germany, you"ll find that most major airline carriers fly to Germany, including some European airlines such as: British Airways, KLM, and Germany's own Lufthansa. As the country's national airline, and the second largest European airline, Lufthansa can offer you domestic flights as well as an international flight to Germany. Additionally, Lufthansa has put an emphasis on both safety and punctuality with 81 percent of their flights departing and arriving on time.

Looking for tickets but are on a budget? You"ll find some no-frills trips on airlines like Air Berlin and Germanwings, which is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. Most of these only operate within Europe so you'll have to catch a connection if you're coming from elsewhere.

Layovers will be a factor when you buy your airline tickets to Germany. Most airlines will require a layover somewhere along the line on your flight to Germany, but a few offer direct flights to certain US cities. These airlines are: US Air, United Airlines, Delta, Continental, and Lufthansa.

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