The Bavarian Alps

The Bavarian Alps offer some of Germany's most breathtaking views. From the slops of these ancient mountains, one can survey the German landscape in all of its glory. The state of Bavaria involves Lake Constance, Franconia, the capital city of Munich, and of course, the Alps.

Of course, the castles of the Bavarian Alps also draw the eye. Those looking for historical features will take a trip to the town of Fussen. Nestled on the foot of the Alps, Fussen is located at the southern end of the Romantic Road and is located near two magnificent castles of the Bavarian Alps. The first of these is Hohenschwangau, an ancient fortress originally built by a family of knights. The citadel fell into ruin for years only to be revitalized by King Ludwig I. His son, the colorful character Ludwig II, spent many days of his youth in Hohenschwangau; upon becoming King, it was likely that the days he spent as a child on the slopes of the Alps inspired him to order another castle built in the same area—Neuschwanstein.

Neuschwanstein is perhaps the epitome of the romantic castle. Elegant towers inspire a feeling of magic. It's little wonder that the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disney Land drew heavy inspiration from it. Majestic walls reflect the brilliant sunlight and the Bavarian castle dominates its drawing the eye to its splendor. If you have any interest whatsoever in castles of the Bavarian Alps, you must visit Neuschwanstein.

All sorts of wonderful outdoor activities are available to those visiting Bavaria. During the summer, quality hiking in the Alps is readily available; during the winter, there are several towns that feature skiing in the Alps. While it's true that many prefer to go to Austria or Switzerland where the mountains are higher and the snow is guaranteed, there is still good skiing in the Alps. One perk of skiing in the Alps is that they're easily reached from Munich, often times only an hour or two away by car.

One resort of particular note for those looking to ski in the Alps is Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Until late spring, there's plenty of skiing in the Alps far up on the Zugspitze glacier. Once summer comes, and the snow recedes, an arduous climb can be had up to the mountain's summit. Those looking for a hike requiring less expertise can find plenty of scenic walking trails in and around Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Be sure to take your camera when you go as you won't want to miss out on capturing some of the memorable Bavarian scenery.

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