Beaches in Germany

When people think of Germany, they often think of the Rhineland or Oktoberfest or the Alps. What they don't often think about are German beaches. However, German beaches border on two Seas and there are many spots along the coasts that are quite inviting.

Perhaps the single most important thing to remember when planning your trip to the beaches in Germany is that some of them are nude. Topless sunbathing is fairly common, but totally nude beach Germany tend to be marked by signs. As an example, Sylt is known for its nude beaches but if you aren't interested in that, don't let it scare you off. The island also has more to offer. Miles and miles of spectacular bike trails through evergreen forests will give you something to do if you want to get away from the more developed, tourist-centric part of the isle.

Another popular destination for beach Germany is the Frisian Islands. These islands form a chain off the coasts of Germany and Holland are range from three to twenty miles away from the mainland. Many of these islands feature German beaches and resorts. Certainly a stay on an island in the North Sea will be far different than anywhere else in Germany. Helgoland, an island northwest of Germany, has a permanent population of but 2,000 but can provide ample hospitality for tourists looking to experience what the island has to offer.

However, another of the beaches in Germany that isn't nearly as popular is Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. If you venture to this part of northeast Germany, you'll be in for a real treat: gentle white sands, newly built accommodations, and, most important, low prices. Starting east of Lübeck, in an area rich in Hanseatic history, you'll find seaside resorts dotting the coast of the Baltic. Rostock, the largest city in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, is the location of a particularly picturesque lighthouse. From Rostock suburb you can catch a ferry to Scandinavia, Russia, or other Baltic states. Traditional seaside hotels are readily available.

There are even more options for beaches in Germany if you're willing to go out of your way by heading further east to the large island of Rügen. It's unique among the other German districts in that it is made up entirely of islands. Rügen is perhaps best known for its chalk cliffs which have been featured in art (such as Caspar Friedrich's Chalk Cliffs of Rügen). However, no painting can compare and they will not disappoint when you see them for yourself.

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