Berlin Weather

Berlin weather can be very pleasant, particularly during the warmer months, but the city does cool down later in the year—it’s clear why the peak season for visiting Berlin, which is located in eastern Germany, is between June and August in particularly.

Berlin in the summer: From about May through August, there are long days and often plenty of sunshine. Temperatures are typically in the mid-70s, though they can often get into the 80s as well, which means the conditions are good for outside activities. There can be summer rainstorms, so be sure to bring layers and possibly an umbrella.

Berlin in the fall: September has beautiful weather, with the summer temperatures often hanging on and the rain fading away. Highs are often in the 60s, before dropping into the 50s and 40s in the next couple of months. October is one of the driest months of the year in Berlin, so if you’re visiting for Oktoberfest or to see the fall colors, you can expect cool weather but reliably dry days.

Berlin in the winter: The city is cold, damp, and notoriously gray during the winter. Windy days aren’t uncommon, as are frosty days—though it snows relatively often, the temperatures hover around freezing, so rather than sticking, the snow often melts into slush as opposed to piling up. The highs on winter days are typically in the mid to high 30s, with the lows very close to freezing.

Berlin in the spring: February is the other of the two driest months in Berlin, and though the late winter/early spring temperatures can still get close to freezing, most of the precipitation should be gone. The temperatures move from the 40s to the 50s and into the 60s by the time May comes around and the peak summer travel season begins.

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