Bremen Germany

Bremen Germany is a town in the north of the country that is one of the most important Medieval centers in Germany. Along with neighboring Bremerhaven, Bremen forms the smallest state in Germany, and can be easily navigated by visitors on foot. The red-roofed brick houses are incredibly quaint and the narrow streets of the Old Town are a pleasure to wander through. The opulent Bremen Rathaus, the Town Hall, is an extremely impressive Gothic and Renaissance building that remains one of the most famous sights in the area. During your visit, be sure to sample some of the local wines, and take a tour at Beck's Brewery.

The number one attraction in Bremen Germany is undoubtedly the distinctive Bremen Rathaus. The intricate architecture of Bremen Town Hall was begun in the early 1400s in a Gothic Style, and later updated in the 1500s in a Renaissance style. Located in the Marktplatz of the Old Town (Altstadt) district, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was protected from the bombings of World War II and has been restored to its original resplendent glory. It is especially picturesque at night when it is lit up. Inside, visitors can visit various rooms and halls on a guided tour, pausing to admire the Golden Chamber in particular, which has been decorated in an authentic Art Nouveau style. The bottom floor of the Bremen Rathaus houses a restaurant, with period décor, serving German-crafted beers and wines. It boasts the oldest barrel of wine in Germany, dating from 1653.

The Marktplatz around the Rathaus has plenty to see and do. Note the eighteen-foot statue of Roland, the hero of the epic poem Chanson de Roland and protector of the city, as well as the sculpture of the Town Musicians of Bremen of Brothers Grimm fame. The Cathedral of Saint Peter is also located on the east side of the Marktsplatz; this gorgeous Romanesque church dates from thirteenth century. For a small fee, you can climb up to the church tower where you can get an excellent view of the surrounding city—a perfect photo opportunity. After returning to Marktplatz, you'll find many cafes and restaurants dotted around the square, so take a break and enjoy the Medieval surroundings.

One of the top cultural and artistic landmarks of Bremen Germany is Böttcherstrasse, known as the Art Nouveau Street. Commissioned by Ludwig Roselius, the brick buildings on this street are all designed to reflect an Art Nouveau style and to work together in visual harmony. There are several small art and architecture museums on the street, and don't miss the relief sculpture at the entrance to the street. Named The Bringer of Light, the sculpture was commissioned by Roselius to glorify Hitler, although Hitler himself later rejected this style of art.

Before leaving Bremen, take an afternoon to tour the Beck's Brewery, one of the major breweries in Northern Germany. For a small fee, you'll be taken on a tour of the facilities, culminating in a visit to the tasting room, where you can sample several glasses of Beck's beer, including a blind taste test. Later, head over to the Schnoor area, a little warren of narrow lanes and historic houses that now contain art galleries, shops and cafes. Along with the locals, grab some coffee and cake to fortify you in the late afternoon. The night is still young, and you might want to head over to the Schlachte harbor area for the pubs and bars before crashing in your room at one of the Bremen hotels later in the evening.

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