Car Rental in Germany

While there are plenty of options available for public transportation, cars in Germany are also an excellent choice. Whether you want to travel by a luxurious sedan or a cheap car rental Germany will provide a wonderful experience with miles and miles of efficiently engineered roads.

The speed limit for cars in Germany varies depending on where you are and what you're driving. Those without trailers have the highest maximum speeds—50 km/hr in cities and 100 km/hr outside city limits. These limits will be clearly demarcated by signs. On freeways, it's recommended that cars in Germany not exceed 130 km/hr.

There are a few other rules to keep in mind. For one, seatbelts are required to be worn by every person in the vehicle. Child seats must be used for children under the age of four, and children under the age of twelve must use child seat cushions. Those traveling by motorcycle are required to wear a helmet. Finally, if you'e looking to partake in some of Germany's fine brewed beers, the allowed blood alcohol limit is 0.5 for motorists.

The rates on the vehicles can vary from the expensive to the cheap car rental Germany and it's advised that you do plenty of research ahead of time. There are plenty of websites that can offer quotes based on the dates of your travel and where you'll pick up or drop off the vehicle. A wide variety of models, with different levels of amenities, are available. Those on the lookout for a cheap car rental Germany could be in luck as long as they're patient and willing to do research. There's a wealth of information available online from many different automobile clubs.

An obvious attraction for those traveling by car is the Autobahn. However, the image of a giant, multilane highway with cars zipping along so quickly that they're nothing more than a blur is a bit of a misconception. There are plenty of areas where a maximum speed is enforced for everyone's safety because of dangerous curves or heavy traffic. Still, about half of the Autobahn remains limit-free and speed is left to the discretion of the driver. The general advisory of 130 km/hr (81 mph) remains though. Regardless of whether or not you're on a speed limited section, the smoothly crafted superhighway will delight the motorist within. German engineers have taken painstaking cautions in designing, and some might say perfecting, these roads. A great deal of care is put into maintaining the Autobahn as well. State of the art electronic monitoring systems survey weather and traffic conditions and provide dynamic speed limits and even advanced warning in case of fog or congestion.

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