Castles in Germany

Linderhof Castles in Germany range from fortresses in the Alps to citadels along the river Rhine. The styles vary, from Baroque to Renaissance. The ones you see in Bavaria will not look like those by the Rhine, but that's what makes touring these castles so interesting; no two are exactly alike.

Some of the most famous castles in Germany are those built by King Ludwig II. This Bavarian King had an ambitious imagination and his desires are readily seen in his castles.

Castle Linderhof Near the town of Eisenach, you'll find one of Germany's oldest castles: Wartburg. Founded in 1067 AD, the legend of its creation says that a German Duke was captivated by the view of the Alps and decided to build a castle at that very spot. Wartburg has many interesting facts about castles in Germany. One of which is that contests for musicians were held in the castle and one can find frescos depicting the winners. The castle also played a part in the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther was sent to Wartburg castle as a punishment for leading the Reformation. However, while there he worked on translating the New Testament into German and his original desk is still there today with the Bible he worked on (complete with the comments he scrawled in the margins). In 1999, Wartburg was placed within the World Heritage List and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The first of Ludwig's castles is Linderhof. Originally it was nothing more than a simple wooden hunting lodge that the King could stay in during his many trips into the countryside. However, within a few years, Ludwig commissioned an elegant castle to be built. He declared that this place would be the next Versailles and the French inspiration is quite apparent in the architectural style of the exterior. Broad fountains and elegant statues are located across the grounds. The rooms inside revel in their opulence, with gilded woodwork, many-tired crystal chandeliers, and sprawling beds fit for a King. Linderhof has many intriguing facts about castles in Germany. Be sure to check out the "magic table" in the dining room. The table was engineered so that it could be lowered through the floor and into the kitchen which was built directly beneath the dining room. There, the servants could restock the table and have it lifted back up without the King ever seeing them.

The second and perhaps most famous castles in Germany is Neuschwanstein . Located on the slopes of the Alps, it is the very definition of a fairy tale castle. Indeed, one of the interesting facts about castles in Germany is that the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disney Land was actually based on Neuschwanstein. The similarities are quite obvious with this German castle's magnificent spires and bright alabaster walls. The interior is no less fantastic, but some of the rooms were never finished. However, what was completed is absolutely remarkable. In King Ludwig's bedroom, it took a team of 14 carpenters four and a half years just to complete the intricate woodwork. Throughout the castle, you'll find rich tapestries depicting scenes from the operas of Richard Wagner.



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