German Castle Hotels

LinderhofWhen it comes to explore the former homes of royalty, one of the best options is German castle hotels. Here you can sleep in the same bedrooms, dining in the same dining room, and gaze out over German castle landscapes just like royalty from the 19th century. While some castles are only open to the public for tours, others also welcome overnight guests.

One of the highlights of spending the night at German castle hotels is the meals. If you have the option to enjoy an evening dining over candlelight, don’t miss out on this opportunity. At a minimum, most castle hotels offer a decadent breakfast service. Starting your day in the dining room of a castle is sure to be a memorable travel experience.

King Ludwig II built three castles in Germany that are all worth a visit. The most popular is Neuschwanstein, which was the inspiration for Walt Disney in creating Cinderella’s castle. Another option is the Linderhof castle, where you will also find a hotel and restaurant.

No matter which you choose, the surrounding German castle landscapes are stunning. In all four seasons, from under a blanket of snow in the winter to the full bloom of summer, these castles all offer fantastic views. Travelers less interested in royalty will certainly be interested in the gorgeous scenery.

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