German Castle History

Linderhof CastlesEveryone has their own favorite place in a German castle. For some it’s the grand dining room, for others it might be the opulent bedrooms. During a tour you will learn plenty about the history of German castles, down to the royalty that lived there and the labor that went into the construction of such an elaborate building.

There are certain architectural elements that make a German castle special. One of them is the grand staircase. Castles have many different staircases. In most cases, the elegant one was reserved for the royals, while the servants used hidden, more rustic staircases. Comparing these two elements is just one example of how differently royals lived from their servants.

When you visit Neuschwanstein castle for example, the tour includes climbing the winding staircases. Be sure to stop and look out the windows during your climb; this castle is perched on top of a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding scenery. This nineteenth-century Gothic revival castle will provide a glimpse into the way King Ludwig II lived.

During a tour, you will be fascinated by all there is to learn about the history of German castles. Whether you’re interested in the architecture of the building, tales of fancy parties that took place in the ballroom, or even information on the day-to-day operations of running the castle (including cooking) knowledgeable guides will have answers for you. Exploring a castle in Germany can give you a little insight into what it must feel like to be royalty.

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