Koln Cathedral Germany

One of the most famous pieces of architecture in the country, the Koln Cathedral Germany is a must-see attraction. This artistic masterpiece began to be built in 1248 and was not completed until 1880. You will learn many more fascinating facts about Cologne Cathedral history when you visit and feast your eyes on its twin soaring towers.

No trip to this city would be complete with visiting the Koln Cathedral Germany. While exploring Cologne and strolling along the river, it is impossible to ignore the spires of this intricate Cathedral. Architecture enthusiasts are sure to be impressed by the long list of details that make this UNESCO Heritage Site such a treasure.

Beyond Cologne Cathedral history, the building also plays a role in the culture of the city. Here visitors will encounter many entertaining street performers and the district surrounding the Cathedral is full of shopping. With many places to sit and gaze up at the cathedral in Cologne, this attraction is an appealing destination for several reasons.

Almost as interesting as the building itself is the story of how the Cathedral survived the damage of World War II. Air raids caused severe damage to this gorgeous Cathedral, and after the war it was left in a derelict state. Restoration began soon after the war, and was complete in 1956. Visitors today can now see the Cathedral in all of its former glory.

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